Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Road trip to Nashville and a Graduation Dinner

One perk of being a teacher is that we get 8 weeks off during the months of June and July....it is nice, but I PROMISE I deserve it. Anyway, I decided that we needed get to Nashville to visit Aunt My before things got really busy. So, we asked Sissy to go with us and she asked Maggie to go with her. I was ready to go and thought that these two "princesses" were too, and then I found them BACK in the bed, and Sissy had Lilly "tickling" her arm! Oh my....finally, we got on the road and headed to Music City!

We stopped in Jackson, TN to eat at the Cracker Barrell.
We swam on our first afternoon there and then grabbed some Mexican while we were out. We went to Aunt My's house and did toenails, made cookies and watched SPROUT. I just love this picture. Me and my 2 girls...my big girl and my little girl!

Lilly was quick to tell Aunt My that she needed a pillow and a blanket and that she wanted the TV on SPROUT, please! She should be the spokeschild for SPROUT.....we LOVE it!

Maggie, Lilly and Besty in the bedroom that they stayed in. Lilly loved being in the middle of them. Playing with their Iphones is what she loves to do!

Bye-Bye, Aunt My! Thanks for letting us come stay with you. We had a great time!

So, another awesome, precious teenager that God has put in our lives is Sidney. She has been a God-send to me this past year. Always there for me and Lilly. Going the extra mile and it seems she is there when I need her the most. I tell her all the time that she is "wise beyond her years". We have gotten to know her boyfriend, Parker Gaines, this year as well. As you can clearly see, Lilly LOVES him. Always asking for him and about him. Thank goodness he is just as sweet and kind to her. He graduated this Spring, so Brian and I cooked dinner for him as his present! I don't ever know what to get the guys, so I thought that this would be a fun thing to do. Lilly loved having both he and Sid there.....

Pure sweetness.....

Love this....so very much....it just makes my heart smile!

We are busy....but loving every minute of it!

Thanks for visiting our "life". We are blessed!


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Anonymous said...

Sarah Whit - I love following your life... can't get enough of what Miss Lilly is doing! You have so many great young ones in your world! Keep writing, and have a great summer! Helen (Honey)

Shannon Willcutt said...

Hey my sweet Sara Whitty! I am so glad ya'll are having a great summer! You are on my mind all the time. Macy found a picture of us today from 1995...oh yeah girl...my FAT MSU days (all 36 of them...ha!!). If you loved me then, I cannot believe you still love me now. But I am so glad you do! I love you!! And I miss you!!