Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun and Camping with the Girls

It was day 2 of week 1 of Summer break for was 10am and Lilly and I had already gone for a walk, pulled weeds, and shoveled rocks. I started to deal with my wilting plants, when she informed me that she was going to ride her "4wheeler" to see Gunner and Abby. I agreed, and I could see her and hear her playing with the dogs. She was having a great conversation with them. I thought this was so cute and great and then I thought, WHAT ELSE could she be doing over there? I know she is not just sitting there I wandered over there and this is what I little dirt ball!

Thinking it is great to throw dirt all over Gunner...poor Gunner. He is such a great sport. If he wasn't own a chain though, he would not be so gracious!
I just wanted you to get the whole picture in your head.....She was DIRTY!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this face! She made her daddy so proud this day!!

As most of you know, I HATE a as she is caking dirt all over her....I am frantically thinking of how I could eventually get her clean, without having to go inside my house FIRST. We had a plastic pool from last year and I kept looking at it, thinking "dare I?" I had no other choice....I crawled up under our deck and started dumping the EXTREMELY GROSS, NASTY water that has accumulated over the past year, out of it. I then took the hose, some DAWN and a dishrag and went to cleaning. Meanwhile, Lilly is still having a large time in her dirt pile. I rescued the little pool, and Lilly was happy to jump in. For a moment, I pretended I was back in Evansville..... naked, in a pool, in the front yard. That's what my brother and sister and I did growing up! And here is the naked baby, getting clean, before going inside!

We have been to LuLu, Sissy, and B's pool 3 out of the 5 days. We would have gone more, but I got WAY to sunburned and hurt REALLY bad for a few days. Here she is putting on "lips".

Wearing "Ally's" hat!

Having a great time in the water!

On Thursday afternoon, I met Gini in Batesville and we headed down to Tilatoba, MS to meet up with 4 other HLIS teacher friends! Alicia has a cabin on Pine Lake and she invited us down for a little R&R....we had such a great time. The entire 24 hours we were there, consisted of that table and chairs and a tournament of SPAIDS! It was great 24 hour retreat with some wonderful friends....3 of whom I will dearly MISS!

We did pause the tournament for a little late afternoon fishing! Here is Rachel trying to catch the big one....

Gini just relaxin with her fishin pole!

Leslie and Fowler having a good time. They both were a little knew to the whole wildlife, cabin in the woods, fishing experience, so they were funny!

And since Fowler was the NEWEST to this type of experience, it was only right that she caught the one and only fish!! YAY, for Fowler! She loved it and did not know what to think all at the same time!

Alicia and Rachel....2 of the best teachers and mentors a girl could ever work with....oh how I loved teaching with them and oh how I am going to miss them. I am happy for their new starts at Overpark Elementary and Desoto Central Middle. Both schools are getting GEMS!

The summer has started out with a BANG....BUSY BUSY our life usually stays. I hope to have flower girl pictures up soon. My camera died and I did not have a charger. So I relied on LaLa and MoMo for pics. Just waiting on those two girls to upload. She did as good as 2 year old can do.

It's HOT HOT HOT here and all Lilly wants to do is be outside. She could care less that it is we are playing hard and sweating lots! Here's to many more fun summer posts!

Love to all,

The Atwood's

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Love that cute little girl in the pool!!! Yea for simmering!