Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

I guess since we went last year and we went this year, that would make is annual. So, my mom and dad have taken us twice to the beach and this year we had a great time. Lilly liked the sand and that ocean much better than last year. Here she is sitting in her chair with her umbrella that Grammy sent her for her beach vacation.

Sporting her life jacket, ready to head to the ocean, with anyone willing to take her!
The first night we were there, Aunt LaLa made frogmore stew. Lilly liked watching her cook!

Doesn't that look divine?

We also perfected our "flips" while at the beach. Aunt LaLa helped with this, making Lilly go through several steps of the "flip". In this picture is step 1, The Start, Step 2, The Flip and Step 3, The Finish....which is Go Dawgs!

More smiles at the beach...I just love this picture!

Lilly and Aunt My

Aunt LaLa and Lilly playing in the sand.

Aunt LaLa painting Lilly's finger nails, she LOVED it!

AND one of the greatest highlights of our trip, was I realized that my oldest and dearest friend in the entire world was at Rosemary Beach, which is about 10 minutes from Watercolor, where we were. So, we scheduled a play date and went to swim with her and her little ones. Georgia is giving Lilly a big hug! So sweet!

Georgia, Lilly and Callie after a couple of hours swimming! They are sweet but tired little girls!

Mama, Laura and Lilly and I set out one late afternoon to get some of those beach pictures with Lilly in all white. Laura has a pretty nice camera, so we headed to the beach! We got some and they are sweet, but she had this idea to take her to this purple wall at Seaside! I thought all of these turned out so cute!

This concludes half of our week at Watercolor....stay tuned for the second half!

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ambersmith said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Lilly is so cute and looks to be just as much fun as her sweet MOM!