Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red Birds Game with PopPop

Hello Blog followers! I have missed you all, but have been getting some much needed time to rest and relax before school starts in just 3 short days! YES....I am MORE than depressed about it.

So, the night before we leave for our beach vacation, Brian's dad takes us all to a Red Birds game. We had a great time, despite the hot temperatures. The highlight of the night was when a Red Hot (sort of like a cheerleader) came up to me and said that they were looking for a pretty little girl to dress up as a tooth fairy and run around the bases with her! I was so pumped and told them to sign Lilly up.

We met the two cute Red Hot girls at the Fans First booth in the middle of the 3rd inning! She had to get her wings on, so she could do her job!

Lilly leaving to go with the Red Hot to sit and wait at the First Base gate!

Lilly and her Red Hot friend after running around the bases with a big tooth brush! She did so good!

Lilly hugging her new friend good bye!

After she was all through she got a bag with all sorts of things to help you take care of your teeth. She loved everything in there and played with that the rest of the ballgame!

After the game, we came home and finished packing for our long awaited beach trip!

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Haven said...

What fun! I know that she did great!