Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Job and A New Kitten

Many changes going on in the Atwood home these days....it is really hard to believe that I am sitting here at 10am on a Tuesday in my home, blogging, when 3 weeks ago I thought that I would be back at HLIS teaching a self-contained 5th grade classroom. I GOT A NEW JOB, and I am praising my God with every fiber of my being. I have prayed for 3 years that something "different" would come along. With each passing year, I have felt less and less fulfilled with where I was in my everyday life. I knew that God did not want that for me, but I just could not understand exactly where He was leading me. God has answered my prayers and and as gone ABOVE and BEYOND what I ever could have hoped or imagined for my life, right now!

I am employed by Benchmark Technology and am an Educational Sales Consultant. My company sells all types of technology that can be used in the classrooms, by the teachers and the students. We also do all types of training and professional developments for the schools. I am VERY excited about my new position. I am able to work from home, which is going to allow me to take Lilly to school and to pick her up--a mother's dream!

We have just been taking it easy, the past couple of weeks, and getting adjusted to our new way of life....Yesterday, Lilly went to take pictures for Special Daze, a children's clothing store in town. They wanted her to "model" some of their fall fashions for some ads they are doing. I was proud, she did great! It was 105 and she had to wear very WARM clothes! She spotted "Bully" on the way out to do some shots and had to stop to give him some "love".
Here she is again....hoping I will have better pics later. I had to quit taking pictures, because I was the one behind the camera trying to get her to smile!

Some other news and it's not so exciting, is that Puff, our gray kitty cat, "ran away"....all the way to kitty cat heaven. We came home from church Sunday and we started looking for Puff immediately. I found it odd that she was not waiting on us when we pulled up, but we all started looking. THANKFULLY, Brian found poor Puff. It was a really hard thing for Brian and I to explain to Lilly that we thought that Puff had run away. She was tired and and needing a nap, she cried so hard, because she wanted her "titty tat". We told her that when she woke up we would talk about having another kitten come live with us. I laid down with her and she was asleep in minutes. During nap time, Brian and I started on the hunt for another cat. We called our neighbors and they thought there was on left from the little of Puff. So, Cliff rode down to pick it up. He brought the new kitten to Lilly and told Lilly that Puff's brother was going to live with us now....she was more than ECSTATIC....although Puff's brother was not so much! This cat already had the name Dora....Lilly pronounces it "Dory" So.....please pray that Dory will embrace and be happy in his new home.

Lilly starts 2k pre-school tomorrow! I can't BELIEVE that my baby is old enough to go to pre-school! She is really excited. We met her teacher and took her school supplies, so she is ready! I will be posting pictures of that big day, for sure!

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ambersmith said...

I am so J! What a great job! Congrats on getting to stay at home with that sweet baby!