Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday---Fun Day....

Our weekend was a lazy one, a football game Friday night...GO WARRIORS! We won...and Lilly had a great time! I had dinner with some ladies that I used to teach with. Saturday, Lilly and I were lazy all day. Visiting with the neighbors and others in the neighborhood. Brian was at the deer camp.

Sunday, Daddy got home so he and Lilly went outside to play....I saw some cuteness going, and new I needed to update the blog, so I went to snap a few pics. Lilly, cheezin it up on her 4-wheeler with her ring pop and Jake's kitty cat, Jerry!

Jake very serious about riding his 4-wheeler!
Jake posing for a cute shot....I love this little boy!

We did a little cleaning....

We played with some play-doh! I spelled her name. That is about as creative as I can get. I kept thinking to myself, "what would Gini make, if she was sitting here?" Sorry, Gin, this is all I could come up with!

Lilly had the bright idea for ME to make her, Anna Lauren and Jake....once again, I wasn't quite sure about all of that either, but I did my best!

And of course our quiet weekend can't end on a quiet note, now can it? Lilly has not even gotten up from her dinner plate and she is putting her flip flops on to got get Dorie, our lovely kitty cat. Well, Brian leaves to go help a friend with something and Lilly and I start looking. I can't find her anywhere and I start dreading what we may or may not find....but then I start to hear a meow....and Lilly finds her WAY UP in the top of a tree. Daddy is gone and we have no way of getting her down! So, all I know to do is to coax her should have seen the two of us....

As you can tell from this last picture it was getting qutie dark. She FINALLY came down! YAY! Crisis overted for the moment!

Have a SUPER week!

The Atwood's


gini said...

Haha! I just make whatever jack and Lilly tell me to! Love your creativity. You are a great momma!!!

Shannon Willcutt said...

Looks like some fun times and the Atwood house! You are so your playdough creations!

I think you needed my e-mail address since you had 'puter troubles...

Love you!