Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bully's Party!

The Bulldawgs played in Starkville this past weekend, so we had to attend "Bully's Party", as Lilly likes to call it. We decided to make it a weekend get away, since the game started at 11:25 Saturday morning. We have some wonderful friends, David and Norma Jackson, who always welcome us to stay with them! We took them up on their offer and stayed Friday and Saturday night! We got to their house Friday night and this is what we saw.....I have been replaced! It's okay!!! :)) But I do remember when that sign would say, "Welcome Sara Whitney" (their son, Lake used to call me Sara Whitney, so that is what I am to the Jackson family)

Lilly loved going to the game with me and her daddy...she rode on Brian's shoulders all the way to their seats!!
We lasted until halftime of the game. Then we came back to the tent where all of her friends were. Langston, Kate Ross and Lilly had a blast playing with each other. We all even took a walk to the book store.

Lilly loves her some Langston!!

I looked up when we got back from the book store and saw her just laying in the wagon, resting, she told me!

Having fun at the tent!

FINALLY a sacked out little girl. She climbed up in her stroller all on her own, and fell asleep!

Anna Clay came to her first MSU game and by the looks of things, she had a great time!

Two worn out little Bulldogs taking a nap in the Junction! Nothing sweeter....I love this!

As usual, we have been busy. Grammy and Aunt Jamie flew in today, so we are sure to have a week of fun with them!

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