Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lots Going On!

Lilly had a FIELD TRIP with her 2 year old pre-school class last Wednesday to Cedar Hill Farms. This is a great little spot hidden in the trees in Hernando, MS that is a fall favorite for all of us North Mississippians. They have animals to feed, ponies to ride, trains to ride, and a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, where you can pick your own pumpkin. We had a change in weather on Wednesday and it got really chilly. As you can see, Lilly's friend, Caroline Tomlinson, was prepared and Lilly, not so much! She loves her friend Caroline and calls her by her whole name, "Tarolin Tomlinson"....remember, we can't say are c or k sounds yet!

Lilly feeding the animals.....she loved it and wanted them to LICK her hand when they were through with the food!

It would not be complete if her good friend Ann Lauren was not there. She was and they had a great time together. Here they are waiting for the train!

FINALLY, on the train and excited!!!

Brooke, Anna Lauren's mama, told them to make a silly face and they did!! Too cute!

We rode the ponies and of course Lilly did not need me. She wanted to do it all by herself!!

We were so proud of AL. She was really scared at first, but as you can see, she had a great time!

The hay ride was the last thing we did, and one little girl was going doing fast. Look at that pitiful face she is making. She was so cold and ready to go home. We took the girls to eat cheese dip after that and they loved it!

When we got home from the pumpkin patch and doing a little work with mama, Grammy and Jamie had made it to the house.

Lilly and Aunt Jamie!

She loved showing Grammy and Aunt Jamie, Dorie, and all the things that she did with her. Dorie laid down and Lilly covered her up and then got in the floor and laid down with her! She does love that kitty cat!

Dorie likes to sleep in the stroller, so when Lilly sees her in there, she gets in there with her!

Aunt LaLa had a birthday and we celebrated all together on Monday night. We always try and get together for a steak dinner, cake and ice cream when one of us has a birthday. Lilly LOVES it and was so excited when she saw that LaLa's cake was PINK!

LaLa and Lilly loving some birthday cake!

Look at those two cute girls....they love each other so much!

We have so enjoyed Grammy being with us for the week. I worked an Emmaus weekend, so it really worked out for her to be here with Lilly while I was gone. We will get back to our routine of school tomorrow, because Grammy is going home! Sad, but it has to happen!

Love to all,

Sara Whit

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