Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun at Mamie and Boo's

Aunt My came to Tunica for a short weekend visit. Lilly spent the day at Mamie and Boo's with her. They had a great time "playing" together. Lilly had her first taste of what it means to live in Cotton Country. She played in the cotton field behind the house that I grew up in. Aunt My said that she had a great time and would just walk and walk until someone had to say "Come back". I am so glad that she liked it so much....a true Southern girl!

"Walkin in High Cotton"
Look at that big girl....she can FINALLY pedal and steer! She is so proud and so are we!

Silly Lilly....wearing Aunt My's glasses!!

We had a great weekend, spending the majority of it in Tunica. We even rode Uncle Tom's firetruck....Aunt LaLa has all those good pictures. We are looking forward to another fun one, at Bully's Party! aka The MSU football game in Starkville!

Love to All,

Sara Whitten

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