Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homecoming at MHS

It was Homecoming week at Magnolia Heights this week. Some special people were major participants in the Homecoming festivities, so we were happy to support them. Sidney is on Student Council and she was also a Senior Maid on the court. She came over about two weeks ago and had an "idea" that she asked Brian to build her....below is the "masterpiece" He built it and she decorated it! I thought it turned out great!

Our Sissy(Betsy) is a everyone knows how hard cheerleaders work the week of Homecoming! Lilly couldn't wait to got see "Sissy cheer".
We were watching in the stands and it did not take long for Lilly to spot Lucy, her friend! She had a fit to go down there with her and then had another fit when she realized that she didn't have her "football game outfit" on. That would be her cheerleader uniform, in case you were wondering!

We got to see our super sweet Lizzie!! YAY!!

When Anna Lauren and Lilly saw each other at the ballgame it was all LOVE!! Are they not the sweetest things? Don't let that love fool you...they will fight in a minute!

Silly girls!

A tired Lilly with her Sissy at the ballgame! I love this picture!

Anna Lauren, Lilly and Sidney!

The girls and Sidney, again! Lilly kept saying, "Sidney has a princess dress on"

Parker, Sidney and Lilly

and Lilly with Maggie, who was crowned Homecoming Queen!

It was a fun and busy night!

Our weekend was just as fun and just as busy....more blog posts to follow on our Saturday and Sunday!

Love to All,

Sara Whitten

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