Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Lilly was a Kitty Cat for Halloween this year. I thought it only appropriate because of our new found love for cats that she has developed since July. She was really excited about dressing up like Dori...our own kitty cat. When I showed her the tail that she was going to wear, she took it to where Dori was sleeping and said, "Look, Dori, I got a tail, too." She had a great night.

We walked outside to see her good friend, Lucy, waiting to go trick or treating. Lucy was Hello Kitty....look at how big they look, all posed up. Lucy even has her hand on her hip, like the big girls do it! Too much....they are growing up too fast!

Our first stop was to see Sam, Haley, M&M (that is was what the girls call Sam and Haley's mama), and Grandaddy (Sam and Haley's grandaddy). We met Brooke, Mark, Anna Lauren and Will at his house for pictures and a little fun. Anna Lauren was a cow girl and Will a MSU Bulldog!
The crew with Granddaddy....they LOVE him. She did not want to leave, which I knew was going to happen before I even got there! I say it all the time, but she has no idea how blessed she is to have so many people that love her!

Our cute neighbors, Taylor, the naval sailor and Jake, the cowboy.....

Our good friends, Erik and Brianne St. John, brought their mule over and were so gracious to let us ride on the back seat. Lilly hopped on and was ready to go, "c'mon, Mama!"

Standing outside a house practicing her lines, "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You".

Lilly and Daddy, Brianne and Langston going to a house!

Elmo and the Kitty Cat, taking a break at Nana and Mr. Horace's house!

Knock Knock......

When we got home, we had a mass invasion of bigger kids come through, Maggie, Leigh Taylor, Martin, and more were up to know good with the toilet paper....I gave them water and candy bribed them not to roll my yard. First time, since we moved in 4 years ago that my yard is not WHITE the morning after Halloween! I liked it!

Maggie and Lilly giving each other kisses!

So after the fun, and bath times and a good spaghetti supper, Lilly spotted the Elmo costume and was determined to put it on.....

Then she found Langston's sunglasses and thought that they needed to be worn too, silly girl!

And I will leave you with this pick as we say, Happy Halloween. Lilly and Sissy....smiling and happy...as it should be! How blessed we all are to be able to share such fun times with the ones that we love! NEVER take a day for granted!

And here is to a great month, November!

Love to All,

Sara Whit

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