Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jake turns 3 and Fall Fun Night at Church

It's hard to believe but our little Jake is 3 years old. I can't believe it was 3 years ago that we were fervently praying for his little life in the hospital. For those of you that don't know who Jake is, he lives next door, is 4 months older than Lilly, and my God child....a pretty special little boy to our family! He is for sure a fighter and has proven that over and over again in his 3 years of life. He has brought us so much joy and happiness. Brian and I just love that little boy and Lilly ADORES him! She calls him "Jacob". We just laugh and laugh, because she does it EVERY TIME she says his name!

He had a football themed party...his daddy drew out a real football field and painted a J in the middle. They had a large time! They were to wear their favorite football costume! Lilly wore her MSU cheerleader outfit proudly!! :)

Jake's Tailgate Tent......

This was the run through sign.....too cute....and it was even cuter to see the kids run through it!

Here is the picture of the birthday boy with Lilly....enjoying their cake and ice cream!

Lilly met a new friend at the party....his name is Lex and he is a cutie and was super sweet to Lilly. They had a large time together! We love making friends!
Lilly saw the boys running around with helmets on, so she was bound and determined to let one of them let her wear one....she finally conned a REBEL out of his I had to snap the pic!! Thanks, sweet Maddox for your helmet! Rebels are nice, too!! :))

This is just a silly pic of her playing with her fire hat that she got at school. She loves firetrucks now, ever since she went to see them with Uncle Tom that day. She came in and said, "Look, Mama, I Unca Tom!!"

Our church's annual Fall Fun Night was this afternoon. Lilly was so excited to ride the horses. Aubrey Claire rode with her and they had so much fun!

She had a sinking spell in the bouncy house and curled up in Mrs. Brianne's lap. It was sweet!

She wanted her face painted, so Mrs. Angel drew a pumpkin on her face.

We got half way back to the bouncy house and she said, "Mama, I need one on dhe othda side of my face." So, we walked back to Mrs. Angel and she put a ghost on the other side!

Lilly and Jake....two tired little pumpkins!!

We have another full day of "Halloween" activities tomorrow! So, I hope to get lots of good blog material! I am sure I will, she is all excited about dressing up as a "titty tat".

Love to All,

Sara Whit

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