Monday, November 14, 2011

MSU vs. Alabama

It was a great day in Starkville on Saturday. My whole family was there and we had been looking forward to this weekend for months. My mom, sister, brother and sister in law all came to Starkville this weekend. They had to see what all the hype was, Brian, Lilly and my daddy have been coming all year. It was a great day to have them all at the tent AND it was Aunt My's birthday.

Our friends Ed and Ashley brought a corn hole toss game and the guys and kids had a great time playing that. Ward brought some balls and Lilly helped herself to playing with them!

Emily, came with Myra to the game and she is like family to us. They have been friends since their freshman year in college. Her nephew was there, so Lilly was just in heaven...she loved "loving" on that little guy. Right after this picture was taken, she said, "det up, you hurtin me". :) Amy, Hunter's mom, was standing next to me when she said it. I am so thankful for laid back first time mother's....she was a great sport and we enjoyed spending time with them!

Here Lilly is again, trying to make sweet Hunter laugh. It worked a few times. Myra and Emily liked having their niece and nephew at the tent!

Aunt My, Aunt LaLa and Lilly at the tent before game time. SOMEONE was fading and fading fast!

Lilly and Daddy on the way in to Davis Wade Stadium!

Mom, Aunt My and Lilly bundled up in the stadium. Lilly eventually fell asleep midway through the 2nd quarter and woke up about the we actually stayed until the game was over this time....first time for everything!
Once again, David and Norma Jackson extended their home to us for the weekend. They were not ever there and allowed the four of us to stay the night. What blessings they have always been to me and Tom and now Laura and Brian get to benefit from their love! Tom and Lilly had a great time playing Sunday morning! She cried when she realized that they were in different vehicles and would not be riding home with us!

It was another GREAT weekend in Starkville. How blessed I have been to be able to make all the home games this season! GO DAWGS!

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