Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend of Birthday Parties and Baby NEWS!

We had a weekend full of birthday parties! We started Saturday off with Emma Kate Lucka's party. She turned ONE....and they are always so much fun. It was a cute owl theme and everything was SO VERY CUTE!! The children had a great time! Look at that table, I tell ya....PRECIOUS!!

Lilly had a great time eating her owl rice krispie treat....all of these special treats were hand made by the grandmother....AMAZING!
Lilly got to play with her friend Annabelle at Emma Kate's party....they are the big kids of our group and love getting together!

The Birthday Girl.....Emma Kate! She loved her birthday cake!

Lilly Whit giving the Birthday Girl some love!

Lilly and Aubrey Claire taking pics with the frame, funny glasses and boa!!

We were lazy on Saturday afternoon. Lilly and Dori had fun being lazy together. This is how I found Dori one time.....

And then, a little while later, I saw THIS....too sweet!

Our friend Leland Kairit turned 2 on Saturday, so we had his Elmo birthday party that afternoon! That little guy LOVES him some ELMO. If any of you are familiar with Elmo, you know that he has a pet fish that he loves! So, guess what? You guessed it....we have ANOTHER mouth to feed....LILLY LOVES her new PET GOLDFISH! Thanks, Elizabeth! You get mother of the year for having such AWESOME party favors!!! HAHA!!

And in OTHER BABY NEWS....we went for our ultrasound today! What a blessing it was to watch the newest addition of the Atwood family having so much fun in his mama's tummy! HE...that's's a HE, is a wiggle worm! A little BOY! Lilly will have a little brother. I can tell her all about that....I have one of those myself!! :))

My cup runneth over!

All our love,

Sara Whit

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annabclark said...

congrats! boys are so much fun. glad liam will have another little buddy.