Monday, December 12, 2011

A weekend of Baby Jesus and Santa

WHEW...what a weekend! It was full of much Christmas cheer! Sunday was FULL....we were at church by 8am because both me and Brian had parts in the Christmas program at both services Sunday morning. Sunday night, Lilly was an angel in the children's program, "Back to the Manger". Here she is with her friend Piper.

The program Sunday morning was very moving. The title was "Mary Did you Know?". The choir sang very familiar songs and then several people posed as a father, a doctor, a mother, a child, a business man.....while others represented the Biblical characters that were part of the Christmas story. Each person of today's time had different questions that they had for the different characters of the Bible who were present at the birth of Jesus!

Brian played the inn keeper...he just had to stand there! But it was powerful!
Sunday night the children had there play, "Back to the Manger". I helped put it on this year and they all did such a great job. Lilly's little age group, had a very small part in the play....and it was very sweet! They made up the nativity scene.

It looks like she did great, but in actuality.....she got to the church with her Daddy and I could not even see her, because I knew that she would just cling to me and "want me" all night. So, I got my friend, Paige, to fix her hair and I stayed out of sight. When it was her turn to take the stage, I quickly got out of sight. Thank goodness for the video camera. Brian recorded it all, so I watched it when we got home! I pray that this is a phase and it ends quickly!

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa at Magnolia Heights. All the way there, she told me how she was NOT going to sit in his lap. I told her that was fine, she didn't have too. Then we were walking inside the school and she said, "Mama, I gonna LAY in Santa's lap and take a nap!" So, when it was her turn she climbed right up in his lap and laid her head down. It was so sweet!

Her friend, Anna Lauren, was there and had to sit with Lilly in Santa's lap, too!

Sweet friends, who have tried really hard to be good for Santa this year. They have had their moments, but for the most part, pure sweetness is what they are!! And have I mentioned that they love each other?

Giving Santa "love" before she left. Can I just say this is much better than last year at this time! We have certainly grown up a little!

Thanks for sharing our life with us!

Sara Whit

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