Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2k Preschool Christmas Party

Lilly had her Christmas Party at preschool yesterday. Santa was there and she was much more excited about him this time around. She kept asking me all day the day before, if he could ride with us to school. I would say, "Well, Lilly, he is really busy and he is coming from the North Pole!" She would sit there for a minute and think about it and then say, "we can pick him up, and take him to school!" She loved him and kept going back to talk to him and give him a hug! It was so sweet!

I love this picture of Lilly in Santa's lap, Anna Lauren giving him a hug and Ann Parker supervising! Such sweet girls and friends!
Lilly and Anna Lauren....AL making the "kissy" face and Lilly saying "cheese"

So this is how we sometimes give "love".... a little rough, but they can take it!

Don't they look like teenagers!!?? Anna Lauren, Caroline Tomlinson (Lilly calls her by her ENTIRE name) and Lilly!

This picture makes me laugh, because Lilly was talking to Caroline, saying "you going to say cheese and take a picture with my mama?" She was saying it in this high pitched voice like Caroline is a baby!

Lilly giving Ann Parker a great big HUG!!

All of her friends gathered around Santa. He was very quick to remind them that it was Jesus' birthday! So Sweet!

Haley and Sam came to the party, which made it even more fun!

Here's to more Christmas Fun....

Love to all,

Sara Whit

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