Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lilly Whitten Turns 3!

My BABY GIRL is 3.....I truly can't believe it! It seems like yesterday that I was in my hospital bed watching her being passed from person to person who were there to welcome her into the world. The time has flown by and it has been the best time of my life. She brings her Daddy and I so much joy.....everyday....even during our VERY trying moments she brings me joy. She is learning and growing and I am already so proud of her!
Brian and I took her to school on Friday and we brought cupcakes for she and her friends to have! Her teacher sent me this picture and I was so grateful to get it!! My little drama queen!
She was so excited to get to school to see her best friend, Anna Lauren! They love each other most of the time, but also FIGHT like sisters! It's almost comical. Us parents of the 2 girls just have to laugh and keep saying "be nice."
These little girls LOVE LOVE LOVE each other. Whenever I go get Lilly from school, the 3 are always right there together. Anna Lauren, Caroline and Lilly. They look like teenagers all posed up. It is so funny to me that they already know how to pose!! I am looking so forward to watching them grow up together!
Lilly and her teacher, Mrs. Jennifer! We love you so much!
Lilly and her teacher, Mrs. Linda! We love you!
Grammy has been at our during the birthday weekend, and she gave Lilly this super cute shirt! She loved it and wore it with a blue tutu for a day and a half! She is REALLY in to dressing up and LOVES a tutu! She woke up on her birthday morning and her daddy made her pancakes!
She insisted on wearing her blue tutu with her smocked princess outfit! She also wanted to wear the pin she got in Disney! Only my child!
Her princess birthday cake....she LOVED it!
Her presents.....way to many and I just had family and very close friends! That super cute present with her name on it, her age and a crown is from LaLa!! She is so fun and creative!
Lilly playing with Anderson!!!
Sidney, Aubrey Claire, Paige and Lilly! We are so thankful for that group! They love our Lilly so much and have truly helped us raise her!
Anna Lauren and Lilly, taking a break in AL's favorite chair at our house!
Sweet Sidney, Lilly and Anna Lauren! We love you and are so very thankful for all you do for our family. We are going to miss you next year!!!
Our Sissy and Lilly! We love her soooooooo much! I remember when she was Lilly's's so hard to believe that she is a Junior and I really only have one more year with her! Time flies! I love my girls....they both have brought me so much JOY!
Eating Cake and Ice Cream in the playroom with her friends!
The Birthday Girl opening her presents with her "wings" on!
She loves her Toms that she got from Sam!!
One Happy GIRL!
I just love this pic of Anderson. He is still too little to be in the middle of Lilly and her friends, but he still manages to get in as much as he can. He escaped from her present pile with her new pink flip flops, found someone to put them on him and then got into one of the little girls purses!! He is not going to want to see this when he is older. Poor thing, when he comes to our house he is FORCED to play with girl stuff! Baby Walt will be here soon, buddy!! :)
This is a great picture of my whole family with my Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Jerry! They came to help us celebrate and I was so happy! They have never missed her birthday and that is really special to me! She is my dad's sister and is a wonderful Aunt.....and I got a great Uncle out of the deal, too!
MoMo, Uncle Andy and Anderson gave her a sit-n-spin and we broke it out after things calmed down! It looks like that is what the Atwood's are going to get Anderson for his big day in June!! He loves it as much as Lilly. They were both on it at one point in the night!
Anderson working hard to spin!!
And hear is our little Princess! She had a great weekend and a fabulous party! She thinks that she is a true princess! Bless her! When you ask her who her prince is she says "DADDY!" Praise God for that and I pray that is the case for many years to come!
Oh how blessed I am! I pray for her heart each and every day.....that it be tender to the things of God and that she will learn very early to guard it....for it determines the course of your life....the BIBLE says! It's amazing what she knows, what she can do and what she has accomplished in her 3 years of life. It is an honor and a privilege to be her mama!!
I love you, Lilly Whitten!

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