Monday, March 5, 2012

Diapers, Work and Aubrey Claire is 9!

I have a fun little group of ladies that I play Bunko with once a month. Sometimes, that is the only time that I see at Bunko. I have been playing with them for a year and have come to love each of them and am thankful for their friendship! Last Tuesday was Bunko night and when I got there everyone was brining in DIAPERS....for ME!! What a surprise and how good it made me feel! They were so sweet to do this, they sure didn't have too, but I am SOOOOOOO appreciative! God is good...all the time!
These sweet ladies also had baby boy petifores made for our dessert! So yummy and so cute! Lilly LOVED them....she loved the fact that they were so little and had bottels and cradles on them. When I took her to school the next morning, she told her teacher that she had baby cakes with bottles and cradles on them! So sweet! We are busy getting this little man's nursery ready. I had my sweet friend Gini come down Saturday and go all over Memphis with me. I had some crafty things on my mind.....I can think about what I want to do, but "doing" it is a whole other story! So, Gini, is the doer in this equation. We had a fun day....Lilly liked helping and thought that it was great that we were in Home Depot buying wood without her Daddy!
Our Sweet Aubrey Claire turned 9 this week, so after our Memphis trip, we headed over to the Norris home for cake and ice cream. Lilly, had to go straight to AC's room the second we got there and she found a cheerleader skirt about 5 sizes too big that she HAD to wear!
Aubrey Claire got a gift card from Target with cupcakes on them and Lilly was captivated by it for the longest time. She kept trying to smell them over and over....FINALLY we gave up and gave the gift card to Mrs. Paige for safe keeping!
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have nursery pictures to post! Only 4 more weeks until this little man will be here! I am MORE THAN READY!
Love to all,
Sara Whitten

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