Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip to Disney - Part 3

On Thursday we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. It was another great day! This park was full of lots of great shows.....the kids both loved them all and it was a good day to do this park since we are ALL getting a little weary! Here is Lilly Whit eating a half pink and blue princess cupcake, she called it!

There was another great playground at Hollywood...and actually, I think this pic is from Animal Kingdom, but it's okay....Riley and Lilly wore Aunt Shelly out on both playgrounds!
Here is Lilly Whit and her Daddy on the big ant at the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" playground at Hollywood Studios. This thing was amazing and she loved it!

Lilly and Riley sliding down the slide!

She had been asking all day for some face paint, so when we happened upon it, she insisted! I had to do some SERIOUS GUIDING on which design to can only imagine some of the ones she was picking out....OH MY!!

She was PERFECT!!! It was so funny and I have so many pictures of them painting her face because she was so cute and STILL. The lady showed her the finished product and she looked at her and said, "I need some lips!" Only my child!! She LOVED it and thought that she was so beautiful!

Friday morning, our last day at Disney, PoPop treated us all to a meal with Mickey Mouse and friends. We celebrated Grandpa's birthday again and Lilly's, since it was a week away! Here is Grandpa showing off his place mat saying it's his special day!

Lilly loves hers, too!

She got a cupcake with a candle in it and we all sang to her!

She loves to blow out the candles on any body's cake!! :)

Mickey Mouse was surely there and Lilly and Riley were SUPER EXCITED to see him! It was a great breakfast and really was a great ending to a perfect trip!

Lilly was so animated with Mickey Mouse and would just talk to him and call his name! It was so cute! He came around more than once, so I thought that was great!

Goofy was there too.....and we love Goofy!

Both Riley and Lilly loving Mickey Mouse!

Lilly and Daddy on her favorite ride....the merry-go-round! She was in her stroller as we were approaching it and I heard her saying, "Mama, look at what it is!" Ha!! She tries to act like me when she talks sometimes and it is so funny!

Sacked out at Magic Kingdom!

We had been telling her everyday that we would let her get something on the last day! So, the last day was here, we were ready to do our shopping and head back to the condo and she was snoozing....and showed no sign of waking up! Brian and I decided to wake her and give her a chance to pick something out. She was half asleep when I was showing her things that she had picked up before.....then we were just about to get in line for our small purchase of a princess doll....she shot up off her daddy's shoulder and said, "I want that pretty princess dress!" HA! Brian about died....he tried and tried to talk he out of it, but when Aunt Jamie walked up and offered to pay for some of it, he gave in.

She had to wear it out of the store, out of the park, all the way home and all night! She has had it on everyday since then, so I think we are going to get our money's worth! She is a complete MESS! Thanks, Aunt Jamie, for giving to the cause!

What a wonderful trip we was just the best! How thankful I am that Brian and I both got to go, were in good health, and our jobs allowed it! What a blessing it was to spend this quality time with Lilly before the baby gets here! It was priceless and I will never forget it!

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