Monday, February 20, 2012

Trip to Disney - Part 2

We started each morning with a little Dora watching, so the adults could get ready! I love how intense they are! Part 2 highlights our first 2 days in Disney World. We went to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday and Animal Kingdom on Wednesday. It was all just so much fun!

Here is Lilly on her way to meet the princesses!! She and her polar bear, of course!
She LOVES Belle. She will tell you that Belle is her favorite. She and her Aunt LaLa recently went to see Beauty and the Beast, so I think this is why! Aunt LaLa told Lilly to give Belle a kiss for her, so she was good on her promise! Belle was the last princess out of 3 that we went to see, so it was hard keeping her attention with the other two. She was so fixated on Belle!

We saw Aurora first.....Lilly's second cousin Ericka went with us this day to the park, so she and Lilly went to see the princesses together!

Lilly is showing Aurora her outfit with all the princesses....I don't think Aurora made the cut!! OH WELL!

She ran to Cinderella and gave her a great big hug! I have that on video and it is so cute. I must say that she was a little "star struck" on this day! This was the very first thing that we did at Disney and I think she was overwhelmed!!

She napped everyday in the park and I loved snapping the photo of that!! On this day, it was in her Daddy's arms, in the It's a Small World ride line and the ENTIRE ride!!

After her nap and some lunch, we saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She REALLY liked them. She was warming up at this point and it was really sweet and special to watch!

Lilly and Uncle Mike in Magic Kingdom!

Lilly found the merry-go-round at Magic Kingdom! She also found a headband in her backpack and insisted on wearing it with her bow!! Please notice that the polar bear got to ride, too!

We hit Animal Kingdom up on Wednesday and that was quite an experience! The safari was amazing and the Lion King show was super. Lilly LOVES animals so she enjoyed it! Here she is with her cousin, Riley, acting like she is his mama! She tried to order him around all week. :)

Lilly and Daddy in Africa at Animal Kingdom, just leaving our Safari Ride!

There were lots of characters in Animal Kingdom. The line was really short to see Goofy and the kids got to spend lots of time with him! Lilly kept asking Goofy where Pluto was cute!

She found Pluto....he was at another spot in the park and Goofy was with him!!

They were SUPER CUTE interacting with both Pluto and Goofy! Priceless!

It's been fun writing about our experience! I feel like I am getting to relive it and this time take it all in. Thanks for sharing our life with us! Part 3 coming tomorrow....hopefully!

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Laura said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! Love that she gave my kiss to Belle!!! :)