Friday, April 20, 2012

More of Baby Walt and Lilly Whit

Walt is such a good baby! I am so thankful! Here he is, still in the hospital...holding that head up, strong baby boy!

We came home and Lilly wanted to hold him...then she got his pacifier and immediately started acting like a pirate....can't you tell she is saying "ARR"!
My 3 amazing blessings are right there....Brian, such a Godsend, Lilly Whit, my drama queen baby girl, and Walt! My cup runneth over!
Lilly...."I sit in Walt's seat."
Aunt My, my sister, has been with us since the day we brought him home from the hospital! Oh, what an AMAZING help that she was to both me and Brian. I think he is missing her as much as me and as I type that she hasn't been gone 24 hrs!! We would all cuddle in the bed every morning together.

Our friends Doug and Jill McClure came to visit us in the hospital. Jill and I were pregnant together and she was due February 10, but little Micah decided he wanted to be born on December 28!! WHEW...that little boy scared us for a few days, but he is so tough and is now doing just great! He and Walt are about the same size...HA!! I had Jill take this picture of the proud daddies with their boys. Proud Papas....right there, I tell ya! They were already planning hunting trips in the hospital room! Fun times ahead!
Pop Pop with his name sake....Walter Kirk Atwood, II
Aunt LaLa strikes again as being GREAT! She had these cookies made and then bagged and tagged them to give to our visitors at the hospital and at home. Some said Walt and had his birthday on the tag and the others were pink and said, "Thank you for visiting my baby brother!" Love, Big Sister, Lilly! Aunt LaLa is so great like that. We love you!
Please excuse this tiny picture....not sure the problem. Baby Walt is coming home!
Baby Walt at home!
There to greet us when we got home was LuLu and Sissy with Lilly, Gradmom Shirley and PopPop!
Sissy is in LOVE with Baby Walt....I have so many pictures of her and Lilly taking naps together!! We are so glad to have her around....we love her so much, and Lilly REALLY loves it!
Such a sweet picture....Grandmom, PopPop, Lilly and Baby Walt
Walt with his Boo, my Daddy!

Such a PROUD and GOOD big sister....I love this picture of them!
Sweet Maggie with Walt!
Our dear friends, Gini and Payton, came to see us on Sunday and brought us some yummy dinner! We were sad to see them leave, but they promised to be back, SOON!
Aunt My gave Walt a sponge bath and he loved it!
Sweet Baby....asleep on Daddy!

These two sweet girls had a tea party to go to on Sunday. I snapped a pic of them before they went to "act like ladies"! Such sweet friends...most of the time!

We are settling into life with 2....we still have lots to figure out. I am getting better and better each day. I will be glad when I am mobile again! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts! We have felt them and are so appreciative!!

Love to All,
Sara Whit, Brian, Lilly and Walt

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