Monday, April 23, 2012

Life with our new baby boy!

We are slowly settling into our new life with a baby! I am feeling better every day and able to do more and more. Lilly is very glad of that. She has not liked me not being able to hold her or be able to go with her places, but she has done really well, considering. EVERYONE has been so kind. I have the best family and friends and feel so blessed!

Lilly and Walt after Lilly and her Daddy got home from church!

Aunt My came back on Saturday as she was heading back to Nashville. We all were so glad to see her, but of course I cried AGAIN when she left!
I finally got a picture with Lilly, Walt and Mamie and Boo. My sweet parents....could not do it without their help! They are amazing!
Aubrey Claire and Olivia Kate with Walt. Their sweet mama's, Paige and Kristen, came over on cook, clean and do my laundry!! Can I say....I LOVE THEM! We had such a great time and my house was clean, my laundry done, an amazing meal eaten and a lot of fun and laughter in the process. God is GOOD and Brian and I are so very blessed!
Have I mentioned that Lilly LOVES giving Walt his pacifier? Well, she does, and she is going to force him to be addicted to it...oh well...I have decided that is okay, because I can eventually take the paci away...those fingers are not going anywhere!
She has gotten so many great and fun big sister presents. Our friend Rachel came over Sunday and gave her water colors....she wanted to "paint" right away! I got her all set up and then went to the den to visit with Rach....a little while later she walks in the den....looking like this. She had taken her princess dress off an painted herself!! OH MY.... :)
Anna Lauren and Lilly had a fancy tea party they had to attend so we snapped a few pics of them with the baby!! Sam took the girls and got these great shots!!
My sweet babies....
best friends!
they love to make silly faces!
Since Lilly sees me doing all these things with the baby, she has adopted Dori, our cat, as her baby! On Saturday night when my friends were all over cooking and cleaning, she comes in the den and says, "Do you want to come meet my new little baby names Dori?" We all went into the playroom to find this....Dori in he doll baby bed!
Lilly feeding Dori a bottle....I have the world's greatest cat!! It is amazing!
I have so many pictures of my sweet Betsy sleeping with Lilly like this!! When I caught her and Walt asleep today, I had to capture it! PRECIOUS!! I remember when she was that little! WOW!!
So many emotions have gone on with me in the last 12 days of Walt's life. I am sure that most of it are my hormones, but whatever it is I am have been weepy! On this very day, Lilly and I both walked into her school crying. She likes for me to carry her into school and I couldn't do it. It made us both when I dropped her off she was not wanting to stay....about an hour later, I get this picture from her teacher!! THANK YOU, LORD, FOR TEACHERS WHO CARE!! It made my day to see that sweet smile on her face....having such a great time at school!
Walt, 11 days old...PURE SWEETNESS!

Love to All,
The Atwood Family


Kathleen said...

So happy for your family! Can't wait to see Walt!

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on all the posts. Reading the past couple blogs and looking at the pics brought tears to my eyes! You have some amazing pics already. I wish I could have been there when Walt was born but I'm glad Riley and I will be able to visit soon! Riley is so excited to meet his baby cousin, Walt!
Love, Aunt KK