Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Weekend

What a BLESSED and GLORIOUS Easter weekend we had with family and friends. The weather was perfect and Lilly was, for the most part, feeling so much better! We are very thankful for our babysitter, turned nurse, Sam Webb for diagnosing our little one with a bladder infection. I am so thankful for her and so thankful that she called to asked me if she could come get her to spend some time with her on Thursday. She called me within the hour of having her to tell me to make a doctor's appointment, because she thought that was why she was so whiny, irritable and back in the diapers!! She was RIGHT!! YAY! Everyone should have a nurse for a babysitter. We love you, Sam, for lots of reasons!

Lilly had her Easter egg hunt at school on Thursday. We had been talking about it for about 2 days and when I gave her the basket to hold while we walked to the car, she said, "Wait, just a second. I gotta get something." I watched her walk to her playroom open her dress up box and grab the bunny ears! She carefully put them on, not to mess up her hair, and then shouted, "I am ready!"

 Our Easter Egg Hunt at church was on Saturday...after a hot dog lunch and some piano playing with Anderson, we headed out to hunt the eggs!
 Working hard to get them...she liked to open them up and then close them back with everyone she picked up. Glad it wasn't a race....we would have been last!!
 Oh this basket is so heavy!!
 Posing with her friends in front of the church....Langston, Lucy, Piper and Lilly! All such sweet friends!
 Sweet Miss Angel was there painting faces and Lilly loves to give her "business". While we were waiting in line she said, "Mama, I want her to do it here, (pointing to her arm) so I can see it!" So, there ya go, everyone else has bunny rabbits on their cheeks and my child has one on her hand, "so she can see it!"
 The kids and the parents are all SUPER excited at FUMC because we are getting a playground! Along with the playground is GINORMOUS train that Coach Durr and his friend built to go on the playground, too. The train was delivered just in time for the egg hunt, so they had so much fun playing in it!  
 Me and my sweet girl. Thank you, Mrs. Diana, for talking me into getting a pic with Lilly. It turned out better than I thought and you are right, I am glad I have it, now! You and my mom always seem to know best!! :)
 Lilly Whit with her shades on enjoying the train!
 Our sweet boy Anderson will soon be moving to Senatobia and we couldn't be more thrilled!! So, he has started coming to events at church and ones in Senatobia, making friends everywhere he goes!! It has been so fun having the Schoggin family with us at things like an Easter Egg Hunt!! Lilly loves him so much, as you can tell from the pic below!
 Anderson, Langston and Lilly inside the train....
 Silly Lilly....having fun!
 The Easter Bunny did not forget, Miss Priss and was extra good to her!
 She is in her Easter best checking out her basket!! She really liked the Hello Kitty "lips".

 We had lots of family over for Easter lunch....PopPop, Grandma Shirley, Mamie, Boo, Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa all came over after church and we enjoyed the afternoon together. Laura and Tom and my Mom provided all the food....BLESS THEM!! Aunt LaLa always makes such a fun bunny cake every year! She is so good at everything! I want to be like her!! Lilly loved sneaking licks!!
 Lilly helped Aunt LaLa make the yummy salad!
 Lilly and Uncle Tom cut the bunny cake after lunch!
 I loved this picture so I had to share it!! Saturday Lilly got her "Farm" all set up, with all her animals in it. She fed them all and it kept her really busy for quite some time. Brian and I were quite impressed! Next thing I know she is sitting in the toy basket reading her animals a story.....super cute!!
So, I do believe the highlight of my weekend was after everyone had left and it was just the 3 of us. I was going through her school folder, took a piece of her work and and said, "tell your daddy all about this, Lilly." It was a picture of a tomb and when you opened the door you saw that it was empty. Brian said, "what is this, Lilly?" and she said, "He's ALIVE, Daddy! It is empty, he not there." Brian said, "who is not there?" She said, "Jesus!" We asked her where she learned that and she said, "Mrs. Jennifer told me Him not in there anymore, because He is alive!" She was so animated and full of life while telling the story! I wish I could have captured it on video!!


We CELEBRATE, because SIN has been CONQUERED, DEATH has been DEFEATED, and SATAN has been DISARMED…all of this because of JESUS! This fact of the past, gives us GREAT HOPE for the FUTURE!!

I pray all of you had an Easter full of HOPE!

The Atwood Family

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