Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Palm Sunday, Baby Shower and a Senior Party

Oh my goodness...so the already extremely NOT USER FRIENDLY blogger has changed it's format. I decided I might as well attempt to figure it out. All my pictures are in reverse order, but I DO NOT have time to go back and redo, so my apologies. I will be starting from the end of our weekend and working to the beginning!! Next time I will know!!

So, this face pretty much captures what our week has been like. It's been a tough one. Lilly has felt terrible all week with her allergies, a bad rash, and low grade temp. I also believe that she is having a little anxiety about new baby brother coming. We have regressed this week with our pottying and are pretty much back in a diaper...sigh! I could just cry, but am trying to remind myself that it will all be okay...SOON...and doing a lot of praying. Someone told me yesterday that this is the biggest thing that has ever gone on in her short, itty bitty life and she is right! Thanks, Bex, for that advice!
 She is in the bathtub on Sunday at about 2pm because she realized that she had gotten some bath tub finger paint for a Big Sister present. She IMMEDIATELY wanted to take a bath so she could "paint"!
 The paint ended up out of the bathtub and on the floor and she just sat there and painted away for a long while. The good news is....it's ALL GONE!! Thanks, Mrs. Susan....we love you for thinking of Lilly!
 We celebrated Palm Sunday at church. Lilly's age group sang...notice she is not up there!
 She is here...in Miss Ellen's lap. Another sigh...she just will not get up and sing. Sometimes she does better than others, but I knew that after the week and weekend we had, there was not a bribe in the world to get her up there. She knows the song....ALIVE ALIVE, OUR JESUS IS ALIVE! Thankful that she knows that and just praying that she will always know and believe that Jesus is ALIVE! PRAISE GOD for that!
 At the beginning of the service all the children...birth to 6th grade carried in a palm branch. She did it, but not happily! Goodness....she is dramatic!! And I know...she gets it honest!
 There she is again with her duck, in Ellen's lap....watching her friends sing away!
 I managed to capture this outside before we walked into church. I had her in front of a beautiful pink azalea bush but she would not cooperate. She would cooperate in front of the handicap lines!!
 Well, I could not be more blessed than to have such wonderful friends who were so kind to give me a sweet diaper shower! My birthday club, and my sweet friend Gini, got together to put this on and I am so grateful to them all. It was such a low key morning, full of fun and laughter! I love you all so much and thank God for each of you DAILY!!
 Lilly stayed home with her daddy for most of the morning, but at 12, when it was over, he brought her to Tabitha's house so she could see everything. She also had a few big sister presents to open as well. One time she looked up at me and said, "this is so exciting". I think she heard her Mamie say that earlier...she is so funny! Paige, as always, is such my lifesaver when it comes to helping me with her. She always just steps right in and I love her for that!
 Tabitha is ALWAYS the hostess with the mostess....her chocolate fountain
 Two PRECIOUS PRECIOUS ladies that I have had the opportunity to get to know since joining my church in Senatobia. They were writing down words of wisdom for me and you better believe that I treasure everything these two ladies tell me. They are such fine women of God and I pray that I can be like them one day!

 Sweet Gini....always able to perform for the perfect craft for me. I have an idea and I just call her and say...can you do it? And she always can! This will hang on the hospital door and our front door when we get home....can't wait!
 Friday night Brian and I helped host a Senior Easter Party for the students of MHS. We have two special girls that are graduating....Elizabeth Bell and Sidney Mitchell! We sure are going to miss them when they are gone, but are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for them.
 The Easter Bunny was there and Lilly and Sidney got there pic made with him!
 Lilly and her Favorite Senior....SIDNEY!! We love you so much!
 Whitty, Brian, Lilly and Sidney!! Congrats, sweet girl....we are praying for you everyday to be ALL the God has called you to be. Just ask HIM daily for Him to show you the way and I PROMISE...He will!
What a wonderful weekend full of good friends and worshiping our Lord and Savior, who came to this Earth just to die a shameful death on the cross, so we could live in Heaven with Him, forever. It's such a humbling week for me, always....Palm Sunday to Easter. I am so thankful for His love, grace and mercy! It is NEW every morning...GREAT is HIS FAITHFULNESS!

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