Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day and Randomness

Baby Walt is getting bigger and bigger by the is at 4 weeks old. He is still a very good baby!
 We celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday and since my mama's birthday was Wednesday of that week, we made it a dual celebration. Lilly loves it when it is any one's birthday. We told her after lunch we were going to eat cake and ice cream, so she then kept asking everyone, "Are you through with your lunch?" Such a mess she is....Mamie with her babies....(excuse Lilly's hairdo...she was already in dress up mode)
 How blessed I am to be called "mama" by these precious children. My dreams finally came true...all I ever wanted to be was a wife and mother. There was a time there when I wondered if it would happen. God is good and He gives us the desires of our heart when we seek Him first!
 Mamie opening her cowboy boots was the grand gift!
 Aunt LaLa, Lilly and Dori resting after lunch on Mother's Day
 Lilly had a great time making Uncle Tom a nice bed for his nap. Doesn't it look so cozy?
 Mamie and Boo with their grand babies!
 Thanks to my sweet friend, Tabitha, we have a double stroller that we have been trying out in the mornings. Lilly thought it would be great to share a seat with Walt.
 The traveling Vietnam Wall came to the Lander's Center last week. My daddy, being the purple heart awarded Vietnam vet that he is, was on the committee that was responsible for getting it here and putting it together. Brian, being the most patriotic person I know, went to help the vets get the wall up!
 Sweet Baby Walt - 5 weeks old - loving a good stroll in the morning!
 I thought that I would put a pic of my mom and dad's new house that Brian has been working on. We are all just in awe and truly can't believe that it is happening. Excitement is the emotion that all of us express the most of, so that is a good thing!
We had an afternoon date with our Sidney on Thursday. We went to Southaven and ran lots of errands and then took a break for some good frozen yogurt! Thanks to Sid, I got my errands run with both babies and didn't lost my mind or pass out!
Summer is officially here....we are excited about all that it has in store. Lilly is going to visit her Aunt My this week, in Nashville all by herself.....such a big girl. I can't wait to here stories and see pictures!

May you all be blessed!
Sara Whit

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