Monday, May 7, 2012

Grammy Meets Walt, Confirmation and Playground

Grammy, Brian's Mama, hopped on a plane and came to meet Walt this week. It was wonderful having her here. She was a great help...I got very sick, so she had to drive me suddenly to the doctor and then pick up my "slack" when I was down for about 2 days with fever. Great timing, Grammy!
Thanks, and see you in June!

Grammy wither her grand babies

Brian with his babies!
Grammy loving on baby Walt!
Not sure when we were at Mamie's house, but it was in the last 3 weeks! :) This was a good pic of Aunt LaLa with her niece and nephew!

Sunday was Confirmation Sunday at our church. Five special kids gave their heart to Jesus and joined our church. Brian and I are so blessed to be close to all of the kids. We were honored to be asked to the banquet for Lee Taylor Jackson and then Maggie Glosson had us over for lunch after church on Sunday. It was such a sweet time and we were so blessed to be a part of it.
I pray that this will be the beginning of the sweetest and most glorious days for sweet Maggie...we sure are thankful for her. Lilly loves her!
"Miss" Ellen made a picnic for Lilly in Maggie's playroom, complete with Hello Kitty sandwiches, cheetos and capri suns! A 3 year olds perfect lunch!
Sunday also marked the day that we dedicated the playground at FUMC! I have to say that my wonderful husband was very instrumental in getting the playground put together. I am so proud of it and feel like our prayers have been answered. I pray that this is a tool that we can use to bring many children to know more about Jesus!
Lilly LOVES the playground...she thinks it is hers!
playing hard....she said, "Daddy, you built it just right!"
Just a swingin!
We went to Target with Grammy this week and Lilly found a pair of sunglasses.... :) I think they suit her! What do you think?
Baby Walt is still doing wonderful....he is perfect! I took this picture last Sunday...he was 18 days old! Precious little boy...I am so thankful and blessed!

My babies....the true meaning of life right here in this picture!

Thanks for following our life! May God bless you all!

Sara Whitten, Brian, Lilly and Walt

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