Monday, July 23, 2012

Since Last Time....

Lilly and Riley....having fun!
Sweet Baby Walt....
While my babies were at home having fun with their, Grammy, Aunts and cousin Riley, I was making the most of my time in San Diego, California. My trip out there was great....I worked a lot, but at night we did our best to enjoy the night life. Amber, my co-worker at Benchmark, had a great time cooking our own meal at SUPERB steak house called The Strip Club.
My company received 2 awards while we were in San Diego...I love my company and I sell an amazing interactive board for teachers!
My family enjoyed being at Lake Martin all together a couple of weeks ago. Here is Lilly on the boat! My big girl!
Lilly jumping off the pier....

Jumping in to Aunt LaLa
Sweet Baby his infant life jacket on the boat!
Honey came to visit!!

Boo and Walt
Lilly has been having some fun days with Sissy since I have gone back to work. She loved going to Ellen's store and playing in the glitter....that picture makes me almose have a nervous breakdown!! HAHA!!
Sweet Walk has ALWAYS liked to be swaddled, since birth! We did it all the time for his first few weeks of life and now we just do it at night. It is so funny how he is all wrapped up like a caterpillar in a cocoon. He will sleep like this all night!!
And here is that sweet baby in the morning! He breaks out of his cocoon and is ready to start the day! It almost looks like a little butterfly!

We had an engagement party for our sweet friend Chris Graves and Sissy and I were in attendance!
The play Cinderella was playing at the Hernando Performing Arts Center. My friend Allison and I took the girls to see it. We had a great time....we ate before the play and then enjoyed the night. Aubrey Claire, Mary Brooks, Lilly and Caroline Tomlinson!
The girls with Prince Charming and Cinderella
Just a PRICELESS picture that I capured one morning....very typical of our life these days...Princess Lilly, torturing sweet Walt!!
Keeping the blog updated is becoming more and more of a challenge. I have gone back to work and am in full swing with selling technology. Life is busier with two, but so wonderful Hopefully, I will start doing better with updates. Thanks to those of you that read it!

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Shannon Willcutt said...

Glad the trip went well...I know you were having a little hard time knowing it was coming up!

Okay...the glitter picture...cracks me up. Makes me cringe. I am as OCD as you, but I do loooove me some's the gift that keeps on giving *Ü*

And the last picture is priceless. Period. Love it!!

Summer is almost over...such a bummer...and we haven't been to see you...which means I have never laid my hands on baby Walt...or as Jason prefers..."Mr. Walter Kirk Atwood the Second." Ha!