Friday, August 10, 2012

Life is Moving FAST!!

WARNING: Lots of looks like this is how it's going to be. Not as frequent blog posts, but when I do, it's going to be CRAZY...that is our life! We are busy, but can't complain. Summer is over for us! Lilly started school on Wednesday. We sure enjoyed our lazy summer days. Her Sissy kept her most days and they just had fun doing whatever they wanted to do....they are best of friends!

All 3 of my babies....on an early summer morning....

 We went to Rio Lindo to celebrate Paige's birthday. Lilly HAD to wear her princess dress, so I caved and let her....I am picking my battles with her these days! The girls love PayPay.....
 They brought out the big Sombrero for Paige to wear and of course it was off her head and on to the heads of the kids in seconds....Lilly loved wearing it, and she loves Will Prince!! She drags him around like he is her baby...poor Will. He is a great sport. Sweet Will!!!
 Our GREAT friends, Paige and Carter, celebrated 13 years of marriage on Tuesday. Paige surprised Carter with all of us meeting at the church on Tuesday night for them to renew their vows. It was SUPER sweet. Paige wore her wedding dress, we had a great meal and wedding cake after the sweet ceremony! Lilly thought that Paige was a princess and wanted to be with her all night. We had to drag her out of the pictures. When I told her we were going to see PayPay and Carter get married, AGAIN...she had a FIT to wear her "flower girl" dress and all the way to the church she was saying..."Yay, I get to be a flower girl!" She is a flower girl in her Aunt Jamie's wedding in I hope she is that enthusiastic about it, then!
 Anna Beth and Elizabeth with their little girls, Aubrey Claire,
Olivia Kate and Lilly. We sure are going to miss those big girls...they leave for college next week!! :(
 My sweet little man is getting so big...we broke out some new toys for him this week. He really likes his exersaucer....I love this pic of him working so hard!!
 He is 31/2 months in this pic.....time is flying by!
 We went swimming with my friend, Tabitha, and her girls on Wednesday! All 3 are little fish. It's amazing how far they have come with their love for the water since last year!
 All 3 jumping on the count of 3....YAY!
 Lilly is headed to 3k at Magnolia Heights! That uniform makes her look like such a big girl...I can't take it! OH...she was SOOOO EXCITED!!
 She wanted a picture with Dory....poor Dory
 She loves her new backpack!
 Sissy had her Senior Breakfast at her house, so we went to that before we all went to school. It was a very early morning! My sweet is just starting and one is finishing up! I am so glad that God worked it out to be this way...He is so NEAT! I couldn't have planned it better if I tried!!
 The Senior theme this year "Oh the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Suess. I have always loved this book. I am praying that Betsy will know and embrace all the places that God has in store for her to go!
 Look at all those Seniors!
 Lilly and Anna Lauren with Sissy!
 Best Friends....they were so very excited to see each other at the Senior Breakfast!!
 She is FINALLY at "Jake's School". That is what she has called it for a year now! She was so happy to see him in her classroom! They are going to have so much fun this year!
 Me and that little girl!
 Lilly has REALLY enjoyed the Olympics! She will crawl up in her daddy's lap and start watching it! She was very much into the is in her blood. I can remember countless hours of "playing" gymnastics with her Aunt My....This is her posing like the gymnasts. She still loves the tutu's though. Her LuLu bought this one for her...and we rarely take it off!!
 MY LITTLE MAN....he loves his Bumbo seat and I laugh every time I put him in it!! He is still such a good baby...I am blessed beyond measure. I still stand amazed every day that God chose me to have this perfect little family. I don't know why, because I surely don't deserve it. I have some friends that are going through some really rough times right now, and I don't understand why. But I rest in the knowledge that God knows what He is doing. I know that He will bring them all through these difficult times. My prayers are with them every day. I am going to count my blessings and try my hardest not to take one thing for granted, especially my children. My hurting friends are so amazing, because that is what they have told me to do...only God can give that STRENGTH!
I pray that everyone has had a wonderful summer and that your school year has started off in a great way!!

Love to All,
Sara Whitten


ambersmith said...
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ambersmith said...

They are too sweet! I love your sweet family and you too of course!

Unknown said...

Love all the pictures, The pics make me want to be there even more. I can't wait until I see all of you again.

Shannon Willcutt said...

Lilly in her school uniform...makes me melt! She is too precious! I cannot believe it is time for her to wear one and go to school!!!