Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bulldogs, Birthdays and Fall Fun

The puppies are getting bigger and they started going to their new homes this week. I am so glad that Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa are keeping on, because Lilly loves them so much
 more puppy love....
 Baby Walt even got him some lovin.....
 I picked this little 3ker and we went to have some cheese dip...her favorite! 
 Lilly and Anna Lauren at the MHS Chiefs game....getting ready to do their cheers at half time! They both did so good! I have been so proud of how Lilly is not scared anymore of getting out in front of the crowd and doing what she is supposed to do. I know it's a sign that she is getting older...overcoming her fears. 
 Mamie and Boo took Lilly to the Fair
 Getting some good loving from a goat! 
 and a Llama!! 
 My sweet boy is just getting so big...he is sitting up all by himself and rolling all around. He has one tooth and I KNOW about to get lots more....we are in full teething mode!
 Lilly loves going to Uncle Tom's Fire Station. It was kid's night at the Tunica Fire Dept, so she got to go and had so much fun playing with all of her Tunica buddies and wearing Uncle Tom's helmet! 
 Lilly's friend, Jacob Allison turned 4 and he had such a fun party...
 Our SASSY cowgirl on the hayride!! 
 Our sweet Jake turned 4 this week, too. I took him to Chuck E Cheese and shopping...just he and I for his big day. I loved spending time with my sweet boy. I can't believe he it has been 4 years. 
 MHS had their Harvest Fun Festival and Lilly had too much fun....they had a "salon" and she took full advantage, as you can see! 
 A worn out Harvest Fun Festival goer! 
 We took Lilly to the playground at the church to let her play and Brian put Walt in the swing....I couldn't believe he was big enough!! Sweet Smile! 
We celebrated our sweet Aunt LaLa being born this week. She turned the big 3-0!! 
Laura and Mamie
Happy Birthday Aunt LaLa! WE LOVE YOU .... to the moon and back! 
We have had a GREAT time this football season. I haven't been able to be in the stadium like I LOVE, but that is the price I pay by bringing my kids. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the fact that Lilly loves being at the tent and when she is not in the game she points to the stadiums and says, "I want to be in dhere!"Oh those words make my heart soar! I do love it when the Schoggins' come hang out with us! Monica and I have been best friend since our Sophomore year of college...God is so good to send me such a wonderful friend! I love her and her sweet family so very much! 
Lilly and I went looking for Bully, but we couldn't find him...all we could find was the Chik-fil-a cow and she was ADAMANT about me taking her picture with him!
Baby Walt loves some bulldog football, too. He got in his jammies at the start of the 8pm Tennessee game and was out before we even loaded the car. He is such a sweet and good baby!
As a I type the Bulldogs are 7-1...we lost to the #1 ranked Alabama on Saturday. It was a sad day to watch the Bulldogs get beat up like that, but I can honestly say that I have never been more proud to be a DAWG than I have been this week. The university launched a "We Believe" campaign and it was amazing at how it caught on...we were showing the team and coaches that we believed in them to go 8-0 and beat Bama. That did not happen, but that doesn't mean we don't believe. The Atwood's believe in MSU! We will forever be a Bulldog. I love loyal people and Bulldog fans are some of the most loyal fans I know! I want them in my corner, when the rain comes! WE BELIEVE....beat Texas A&M #HailState
All our LOVE, 
The Atwood's 


Shannon Willcutt said...

Goodness gracious...where oh where does the time go?? Your babies are getting SO big!!! I cannot get over it!!

And girl...that is a ROCKIN' chevron dress Miss Lily is wearing...I want one in my size!!!

Love you!

Shannon Willcutt said...

And my word...I totally just misspelled Lilly!!! I have a Lily in my Mission Friends class, and I have to ask her every week to spell her name for me because of Lilly Atwood spelling it with 2 L's.