Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween 2012, More Football and Bday Fun

Lilly's 3k class started the day off with a fun Halloween Party. The decorations were precious and the children had such a fun time. I was so thankful to be able to go. 
Lilly and her sweet friend Adelaide 
Pin the face on the pumpkin was a fun game that Mrs. Tessa had planned. Lilly had trouble keeping that blind fold around her eyes!:) 
Mrs.Laura, Lilly's teacher had all of the kids get a roll of toilet paper and either their mama wrapped them or they wrapped us. Lilly did both, but this is a pic of Lil all wrapped up! 
We had to leave the party and go get our flu shot, and THAT. WAS. TERRIBLE. She screamed for 30 minutes after and the rest of the day and some of the next, when she thought about it, she wined and talked about that "shot". I snapped this picture of Lilly with her teeth in right before we got out at the Doctor.
We had fun going to Trunk or Treat at the church. We were able to walk around with our BFF, Anna Lauren. It was a fun night! 
Snow White, Lilly and Anderson, the golfer!
Uncle Andy with his godson, sweet Baby Walt!
The 2 trouble makers...Minnie Mouse and Snow White
We got home and we started having trick or treaters. Lilly had already gotten out of her costume, but when she saw that the night was not over, she put back on some more princess "get up" and sat in the rocking chair handing out candy. She LOVED that. If I had known that we might would have stayed home!:) 
Grandparent's Day was held at Lilly's preschool on November 5. Mamie and 
Boo were able to attend and she loved being able to show off her teacher, room and friends to them. She did a FABULOUS job with her songs. I was so proud of her. We have come along way with singing on stage. Last year, she would have nothing of it, but this year she loves it. My baby is turning into a little girl. 
We LOVE having Sissy come visit as everyone knows, but lately we are liking this cute boy she is bringing around. Clayton is so much fun and Lilly loves him. Anyone who can just walk in my crazy house hold and get right to work is welcome any time. 
We were present at the Texas A&M game when our Bulldogs fell for the 2 week in a row. That's okay, because we are forever faithful to our team and university. A loss doesn't usually spoil too much of our fun.We got to play with this fun Freshman. Look at Sidney hold my sweet baby girl...Lilly just had to put on her pink tutu dress that Honey gave her the night before. She is even doing the Phi Mu pose in this pic and Sid swears that she didn't tell her to do it...could I maybe, just maybe have a MSU/Phi Mu in my future....oh I can dream!!! :) 
Fun with our sweet Sidney at the tent! 
Emma Kate, one of my oldest and dearest friends in the world's little girl, turned 2 on Saturday and we attended her oh so cute farm party! Paige, as usual, out did herself! Lilly had TONS of fun and is still talking about it. It is so hard to believe that just a little over 5 years ago, I was living in this house with Paige and we were just praying that God had birthday parties for our children in our future....GOD IS GOOD and this looking at this pic just proves to me that He is faithful and truly wants to give us the desires of our heart.
Walt man found some fun at Emma Kate's party, too! 
Aunt My came to the ball game, too. We loved spending the day with her at the tent. We are also looking forward to spending the week of Thanksgiving with her. Fun Times to come! 

The fall has been very busy and it's so hard to believe that Christmas is just 6 weeks away, Walt is 7 months and Lilly is just surprising me more and more with what she knows. I am understanding more and more why they say "enjoy every second" and "hold them tight". It is SOOO TRUE.  

We love you all, 
Sara Whitten 

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