Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sweet Baby Boy, Football Games, Puppies, and a QUEEN

My Walt man is still such a sweet baby boy! Even with the teething he has going on, he is just sooooo good. I am so blessed. God really knows what one can handle. :) Here is at 5 months he is almost 6! Where does the time go? He is rolling over and sitting up a little....he still needs help with that. I am in no hurry for him to be mobile!! This mama loves this little man!
Lilly is loving 3k at MHS. On one special Friday, I was able to pick her up at lunch time and we met her friends Piper and Hayden for "cheese dip". Such a fun time we have together.
Some exciting news in our family is that Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa are Grandparents! That's right, their Golden Retriever, Reba, had 4 Golden Doodle puppies. Lilly is IN LOVE!
She likes to take care of them like they are babies. It is so sweet. And, NO! We are not getting one. Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa are keeping one, so we will visit, General, frequently.
Mamie and Boo are about ready to move in their new house. We went to check things out a couple of weeks ago and Lilly wanted to help Mr. Andy with the tile work! It looks so great...I will post pics soon!
Football season is in full force and we are so happy that our Bulldogs are 4-0!!! We HOPE that this winning streak keeps going, but you never know, being a Bulldog. Walt is having a great time at the games. He loves being outside, so he just takes it all in. I am enjoying it now, because next year I will have a wild child on my hands. :)
Only my child  sits at the ballgame and pulls...a CROWN....out of her backpack. She wore it ALL DAY. When she pulled it out and placed it on her head, I just looked at her....she then said, "well, mama, you forgot to pack my crown, so I got it!" This was all in a tone like, how could you forget something so important. Brian, of course, was mortified! My thought was...wear your crown as long as you can!! :)
As you might notice, Lilly changes clothes a few times at each game! My sweet baby bulldogs posed for a picture at the MSU vs. Auburn game!
There is a great place called the amphitheater at State and Lilly has finally caught on. She found a small hill and likes rolling down it!!
McKinley found her a piece of cardboard to slide on and that was also so much fun!
Lilly and McKinley after Lilly rolled down the hill one million times!
Sweet Walt taking a nap at the tent!
Lilly was able to get on Harrison's shoulders so she could see the players get off the bus for the Dawg Walk. We also ran into Bully!!
Lilly and I went to the MSU vs. South Alabama game with Tabitha and her girls. We had a great time spending the day together. She was able to bounce in the bounce house and get her face painted!
Homecoming took place at MHS and it was full of excitement this year because our "Sissy" was a Senior Maid! I took Lilly to the assembly, where they announce the maids, and then to the pep rally. She and Anna Lauren had a great time cheering at the pep rally! They stopped to pose for a picture.
Lilly seeing Betsy before the assembly. She was so excited to see Sissy in her princess dress. She took her crown to the school and walked right in and gave it to her. It was hard to explain to Lilly that only one of those pretty girls gets to wear a crown and we would not find out until the ballgame! That is a hard concept for a 3 year old!
Doing our hair a makeup after the pep rally and before the football game!
Lilly loves Morgan and was so excited to see her at the ball game!
The whole Atwood Family in a rare family photo at the MHS Homecoming Game!
Baby Walt with his Sissy!
And she GOT THE CROWN!! Thank GOODNESS....I sooooo did not want to explain that to Lilly if she didn't! We are so proud of our Betsy. I know that I am just a little biased, but she is truly deserving and represents all that a Homecoming Queen should. She is beautiful on the inside and out and we LOVE her more than she will ever know. I love those two big brothers beside her, too. It is so hard to believe that they are all grown and I have my own little ones. It seems like yesterday that my Battle Babies were there Lilly and Walt's age!!
Lilly got to walk out on the field and give Sissy a big hug. When they announced that she was the 2012 MHS Homecoming Queen Lilly tried to jump the fence. She was sooooo excited!
My Princess and My Queen! I love them both so very much!
As you can see, we stay busy at the Atwood house! We are BLESSED!

May God Bless you All!
Sara Whitten

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