Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthdays, Baby Food and Baptism

August has been FULL of birthdays....and we even missed a few parties!
I can't believe it, but this sweet little girl turned 18 a couple of weeks ago! It seems like just yesterday that she was Lilly's age!
 Lilly eating lunch with Sissy on her Birthday...Lilly was so excited to eat where Sissy eats lunch and to have cake!!!
 Sweet Morgan got Betsy a cake and we all sang Happy Birthday!
 Ann Parker turned 3, and we had so much fun at her Minnie Mouse Birthday party!
 Lilly and Caroline Tomlinson with their Minnie Mouse ears on at Ann Parker's party!! Sweet Friends!
 Langston had a birthday party, too and we were told to come as your favorite super hero...well, these girls came as super princesses!! They are a MESS!
 Sweet Caroline turned 3 and we were so happy to be able to celebrate with her! She loves princesses as much as Lilly, so use your imagination at how "good" Lilly was when Caroline was opening her presents. HA! I am being very sarcastic here..it is such a struggle teaching them to be nice and to share! Good Grief!
 Sweet Baby Boy Walt turned 4 months old and had hi 4 month shots...bless his little heart! He weighed 15lbs 12oz and was 25 and a half inches long. He did great at the doctor and is growing up way too fast! He is going to his new babysitter now, and they love each other. We praise God everyday for his caregiver. Such an answer to prayer....he seems to love it and has a few buddies there, too! That helps! :)
 So, Dr. Vagehla told us to start giving this butterball some baby food....He is NOT liking it!
 It has been quite the entertainment for us each night....we will keep at it, maybe one day he will learn to like that stuff...Brian says he doesn't blame him!
 He has started rolling over all the time now and sleeping on his side. Grammy has been here this week and got this sweet picture of him sleeping!
 Baptism Sunday! On Sunday, April 26, 2012 we baptized are sweet little boy. It was a glorious event and so meaningful. Geri and Wayne sang a beautiful song, the congregation sang "It is Well with My Soul". It could not have been more fitting....I praise God that it is well with my soul. The PEACE that only HE can bring is amazing. So thankful for the grace that our Lord offers to me and my children. I don't deserve, but I am so glad I have it!
 Lilly and Walt in their pretty clothes....Walt's gown came from our sweet friends who live across the street, and Lilly's dress from them too. Such dear friends to us!
 4 generations of Atwood men...Walt's namesakes!
 Such a sweet pic of Daddy and Walt
 I was SOOOO happy and overwhelmed to see sweet Sidney at the church. I had no idea that she would even be able come and it meant the world to me for her to be there! We love our Sidney and miss her!
 Martin Bell holding Walt. 12 years ago, sweet Martin wore the same gown when he was baptized. I fell in love with the gown when Gay showed it to me and was so thankful that Walt had the opportunity to wear it!
 Walt's Godparents - Andy and Monica Schoggin
 Aunt My and Walt
 Boo and baby Walt
 Couldn't have made it on Sunday without these girls....such a big help in so many ways. Always doing and never asking or expecting anything in return. Such a means of Grace to me and my family...a few were even missing from this picture...I have wonderful friends!
 Lilly trying to get Walt to smile....she is about the only one that can do it!
 We were so blessed to have Great Grandpa visiting us for Walt's special day!
 I am so glad that Lilly has so many grandparents and great grandparents all around her. It is so rare and such a treasure!
 Our Family!
I can't believe it's August, Walt is 4 months old and Lilly has started 3k! Time is flying by, but it's been a fun ride so far. We are gearing up for football season and are excited about making some fun memories where the "Bulldogs live" this fall!

We wish all our loyal readers the very best!
Sara Whitten 

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