Friday, February 15, 2013

Visits, lazy days, birthdays and LOVE

It's so hard to believe that February is here. So much has gone on already in 2013. My babies are growing up before my very eyes. At the end of January, I lost my job that I was in love with. I absolutely loved it and have been grieving that loss for a couple of weeks now. Direct sales is tough and that almighty dollar will get you every time, it seems. I miss my customers, dearly, but am trying to put the past behind me and look forward. It happened! I can't dwell on it, anymore, but I do need prayers. Prayers that a door will be opened that will allow me to be close to my family and be something that I enjoy. God has done it before and I know He will do it again. In the meantime,  I am enjoying my little ones. I don't get this time back with them, so for the moment, I am having fun with them. Thank you God for this time! 

My little man is everywhere..pulling up and crawling...not walking, YET! 
Saturday morning cuddle time! Lilly LOVES when Walt will be a little still and watch her shows with her!
Daddy has been under the weather and Lilly has been making him feel better!
PopPop and Grandma Shirley are in Tupelo for a few months and they took Walt and Lilly to their house for a few days. It was nice little break for me. It gave me time to regroup, pray, think and get it together! :) 
Walt and Lilly with PopPop
Walt has found our cat, Dori, and is in love. He literally chases her all over the house. It is so cute! 
Lilly stays torn between wanting to be a princess or bat girl, so often times she just puts on a tutu with her bat girl suit and she is ready to go. On this night, she wanted to sleep in this get up!! 
Uncle Tom had a birthday, so we went to Mamie and Boo's house to celebrate. Boo and Walt always have a big time!
Happy Birthday, Uncle Tom! Wow....Look at that birthday Banana Pudding Aunt LaLa made!! 
The tradition of Lilly helping everyone on their birthday blow out the candles. 
Our sweet Maggie had a birthday, too this week. Lilly and I brought her lunch to school and we ate with her. Lilly loved doing that and we were able to spend some time with our sweet Maggie! 
We celebrated "I Love You" Lilly called it. I helped with Lilly's party and it was so super cute. 
 The children made their own flower arrangement and it was the cutest idea. It was totally doable for them and they had a lot of fun doing it. 
 I remember passing out valentine's each year when I was in school. I loved doing it and I loved getting them. It was so sweet to see the little ones giving them to all of their friends. 
 Emerson and Lilly...sweet friends, enjoying a little ice cream valentine sundae!
 Nana and Mr. Horace brought Lilly and Walt some valentine chocolate. Walt man got his first little taste and  loved it. He loves sweet Nana. She is so good to all of the little ones in the neighborhood. We are blessed with wonderful neighbors. 
 Walt saw and played with his first balloon. I remember on Lilly's first valentine's day, her playing with a balloon for the first time. 
 My sweet little guy....
We, indeed, are blessed. Yes, we have a hit a bump in the road. I am reminded of the song that I always sing at the top of my lungs, by Mercy Me, and love it, but now I am living it. I am still singing it, no doubt, but with tears in my eyes and a heart full of faith that God has a plan! 

"And I know there'll be days 
when this life brings me pain, 
but if that's what it takes to praise you, 
 Jesus, bring the rain." 

May you all Praise Him, NO MATTER WHAT!! 

Love to you all, 
Sara Whitten 

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