Thursday, January 31, 2013

Laid Back January

It's been a pretty laid back January at our house! It is a welcomed change, from what usually is running a thousand miles an hour from place to place. We have enjoyed watching this little man become VERY mobile! We put Lilly's scooter helmet on him, because he NEEDS one!! :) 
We have been spending lots of quality time with these two sweet kids. Betsy and her sweet boyfriend, Clayton have been hanging out at our house and we all love it when they are there. We had some ice that forced school to close early  a couple of days. We were out one day, as well. The winter weather ALWAYS slows life down here in Mississippi! Brian doesn't understand it, being from Maryland, but he LIKES it! 
Sissy, Lilly and Dori, relaxing on the couch.
Happy 9 months to sweet Baby Walt! I can't believe how big he is getting and so fast. He and I met Sissy after school one day for a little El Charro afternoon snack! 
The holidays allowed us to visit with dear friends that live far away. One of my dearest and best friends, who I roomed with for 3 years at MSU came to visit for 2 weeks at Christmas. She and her sweet family live in Virginia and I don't see them enough. Keating is only 2 months older than Walt! Our plan is for them to be roommates and play on the baseball team at Mississippi State!! #HailState #mothersdreams
Sweet him and wish I could be with him all the time! 
We had dinner with the Schoggin family and Lilly and Anderson did great in posing for the camera. Lilly for some reason had to get up and strike a pose...she dressed herself, if you were wondering!
Bathtub Fun....Walt LOVES the tub, just like his sister did when she was his age. 
Daddy with his little ones...BLESSED
During the ice and snow, Lilly and Sissy got creative and they formed a band! It was very entertaining, as you can probably tell. 
Let me say that mornings are not Lilly's favorite, so that is why such the non-happy face. It was WINTER day at school. She was to wear her favorite winter coat, hat scarf and gloves! They played in the "snow" and had so much fun. 3k....good times. 
I have to show off a few of my latest gifts to babies! Love them! Thanks to another dear and best friend, Andrea Davis, who takes such great pics of my babies!! 
During the big move and transition from moving every thing out of Grandmama's house, I was able to escape with a few treasures. Grandmama had needle points covering the walls in the breakfast room. We all got one or two. I just had mine reframed and hung them in my kitchen. I love them and think about Pearl every time I look at them! Such a sweet treasure. 
I was also able to have these pictures framed of some pretty amazing people. What blessings they have all been to me. My mother's parents, Sterling and Lilly Pearl Owen. My mom and dad on their wedding day. Brian's dad in his dress greens, Kirk Atwood. My dad's parents, Tom and Margaret Withers. Even though I did not have the opportunity to meet either of my grandfathers, I feel like I know them from the legacy they left behind. How grateful I am for each one of them in so many ways. 

It was Pajama Day at 3k....they wore PJ's and made popcorn, panakes and purple punch to celebrate the letter P.  I visited and we had so much fun. Lilly and Jake! 
 Lilly with her sweet friend Caroline Murphree. 
 Daddy and Uncle Tom were so excited to see Walt man in his Carhart overalls. He looked so big in them. It was hard for me to put him in them. Brian came home and said he needed a pair for everyday of the week. HELP ME NOW!! 
 Enjoying some good fellowship with LuLu and Sissy at the Potluck supper at Church! 
 Our wild man loves some stairs. He can find them anywhere. He found mama and daddy's stairs at their new house and climbs them with no problem!! 
We survived the first month of 2013. Here is hoping that February presents itself with new and exciting opportunities for us. I know that one little girl will be turning 4 in February and she is SUPER excited about it. God bless all of my faithful readers. 

Sara Whitten, Brian, Lilly and Walt 

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