Friday, March 8, 2013

My 4 year old and Busy Baby

Has it REALLY been 4 years that this little girl entered our world? WOW! Time is flying by, and it has been so much fun! She is a whirlwind, but we have been so very blessed by her. I am honored to be her mother, and thank God every day for entrusting this little life to me! Happy Birthday, Lilly Whitten! 
 We had the family over for Sunday lunch and a little more birthday cake. Myra was home and LuLu and B were home from their trip, so we just celebrated, AGAIN!! 
 The girls hanging out....Lilly opened her gifts before we ate and she had to immediately put on the swim suit that LuLu, B and Sissy gave her! So much for the cute smocked dress that she had on.....oh well! 
 Lilly got a new guitar from Brian and this meant band practice! Sissy was on the keyboard, her instrument of choice, and Lilly on the guitar! Love those two silly girls, soooooo very much! 
 WOO!!! This little guy is one busy dude!! 
 He does stop every now and then to give Louise some good loving...I wish he would stop long enough to snuggle with me like that. 
 He is walking around the furniture! 
 Baby Walt does not look like a baby in this picture - AT ALL - and it makes me so sad. His little friend Ellie came to play. She is 4 months old and Walt is 10 months. 
 Lilly thought it would be so fun to put Walt in the laundry basket. He is perfectly content with his bottle. 
 Lilly does love to sleep with her Sissy. Poor Sissy just tries to survive! I have been going into Lilly's room in the mornings to wake her up and she has not been in there. The first time I panicked! I found her in Betsy's that big bed all by herself. 
Our Conversation: 
Me: Lilly, what are you doing in here? 
Lilly: I just missed Sissy so much (as she is clutching one of Betsy's t-shirts). 
Me: Why do you have her t-shirt 
Lilly: 'cause it smells like Sissy :) 
 Clayton has started baseball, so we don't see him quite as much, but when we do we love it! 
 Walt enjoying his first Senatobia Warrior baseball game. Go Clayton!!! 
 Look at my next project!! Lucky me!! Wish me luck!! I am sure I just wasted my money with this stuff, but I am pretty desperate. Thanks for your prayers for this 4 year old of mine to break the finger sucking habit!! 
Lilly is out for Spring Break! Praying the weather ipretty so we can have some fun outside. 
Blessings to you all! 
Sara Whit 

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