Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013

WHEW! Spring Break was GREAT...we started it off going to the zoo with Maggie! 
 Lilly loved this baby giraffe and her mama, we are still talking about it! 
 Maggie and baby Walt....he liked the zoo, but I am sensing that he is a little more scared of things than his sister...he didn't want to be close to the animals and he didn't want me to put him down at the window. He would climb up my whole leg....crying. He kinda reminds me of my little brother!! :) 
 They have camels at the zoo and it is really a neat feature. Lilly had a great time riding one. 
 Lilly watching the elephants 
 Lilly and Walt on the camel...Walt actually did much better than I thought with this. 
We went to see Chuck E Cheese..Lilly loved him...Walt did not!  
 Baby Walt did like the pizza! 
 We always have fun going to Chuck E Cheese with Nana and her grandcuties...Stella and Caroline. They take such great care of Lilly and get her lots of tickets. 
 If you haven't been to the Tunica Aquatics need to go. It was FANTASTIC. The kids area was so much provided some great entertainment and it was VERY inexpensive!! 
 Lilly and her friend, Caroline Tomlinson, in their cute matching swim suits! 
 Lilly and Piper having fun in the inner tube. 
 We were so excited to be able to see Sidney for an afternoon during our break. Look at this fun chair...complete with a DVD player. Lilly loved it!! 
 Lilly and Sidney...after manis and pedis what else to do but go get ice cream!! 
 Baby Walt has been loving the bath tub lately....he loves to splash and swim! He is so much fun. I can't believe that he will be 1 next month!! 
 We ended our Spring Break visiting PopPop and Grandmom in Tupelo. We went to the mall and played in the play area. He LOVED doing that so much....especially riding on the duck! 
 The Easter Bunny was there.....we decided to pay him a visit. Lilly was all about loving on the Easter Bunny, but poor Baby Walt...HATED him....he gripped me for dear life! Bless him, but I had to get this picture for the memory book! :) 
We had a wonderful it's off to get a little girl back into the routine of going to bed at 8 and getting up at 7!! We are so happy that the weather is warming up, hopefully it is hear to stay!!

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