Thursday, April 25, 2013

Walt's 1st Birthday and 3k Zoo Trip

Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Baby Walt!!
 My sweet friend, Gini, helped with my decorations. I loved them. Aren't the cupcake toppers just the cutest things, and the banner!? Love!!
 He didn't quite know what to think about that hat on his head! He kept it on lots longer than I thought that he would!
 Walt is getting some help from Lilly and her friends eating his cake.
 He liked it, but not as much as his sister did when she turned one. She is still loving it...she has got her hands in his cake, now!!
 Mama and Daddy with the birthday boy!
 MoMo and Uncle Andy, Walt's Godparents, with Walt man!
 Lilly and Anderson enjoying Walt's party!
 Thanks, Aunt Sharon, for this great picture. Mamie and Boo with Walt after his wardrobe change!
 Lilly's 3k class went to the zoo!
Anna Lauren and Lilly, partners in crime!
 She found Uncle Cliff and watched the sea lion show with him.
 Anna Lauren and Lilly...worn slap out after the zoo trip!
 Walt man loves his new hat that Mr. H and Nana gave him. I can't take it...he is such a big boy!
 That smile is all...I DID THIS ALL BY MYSELF! Yay, Walt - my climber!
 And who doesn't love pics of sleeping little ones? Aunt KK sent this one to me....This little girl plays hard and if put in a car seat, she is sure to get in a good nap!
It was so much fun celebrating Walt's 1st birthday. So many family and friends were able to be hear and it means so much to Brian and me! I can't believe a year has come and gone. Time is surely flying by. I am thankful that I have had precious time with him, and I have treasured those moments. 

May God Bless you all, 
Sara Whitten

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