Friday, April 12, 2013

Family and Friends = Blessed

YAY!! Gini came to see us for a 2 days and one night!! We had so much fun while she was here. I told myself that I was not going to get her to help me do ANYTHING while she was here....oh well...I lied to myself. She ended up helping me put together Walt's entire birthday party! Bless her soul. We do love and miss her so much! She and Walt bonded while she was here. He loved her, and as most of you know he is a TOTAL mama's boy and if I am around will not let anyone touch him! Not the case with sweet Gini! Thank Goodness! :) 

 Playing Walt's favorite game..Peek a Boo!
 We celebrated Nolen's birthday and Lilly had a great time....A balloon lady came and made balloon animals for all of the children...Lilly wanted a Dinosaur.
 Nolen's mom, Nicole, had a over 700 water balloons for the children to throw at the flames...Lilly loved it until she got all wet and then the drama kicked in. She, of course, wanted to take off all of her clothes right then and there. MY CHILD WEARS ME OUT!!
 Well, Hello Walt! He can't walk, but he can sure climb!!
 We have aunts, Grandmama's, Grandaddy's and cousins in town for Walt's birthday this weekend. Riley flew in on Wednesday and Lilly was so excited to see him! Lilly was "sweat-in" as she says and stripped her shirt off!!
 PopPop with Lilly and Riley....they do love him so much!
 Walt's first experience at a Hibachi grill. He HATED the chef with his big red hat, but was okay with the fire. He loved the chop sticks and the straws! Our little man is getting quite the personality!
 Aunt Jamie found this cute hat in Target and put it on him...he loved it, so Aunt Jamie bought it!!
 Lilly, all tuckered out on her way to PopPop's house to stay with 2 of her aunts and cousin Riley!
 Fireman Walt...doesn't he just look adorable!!??
 And my LITTLE BIG man is 1....I can't believe it! How can one year go by so incredibly fast! He has been joy and such a blessing!
We are celebrating his birthday this Saturday with family and friends. We are so blessed to have so much family here that flew in from all over to be here with us. My children are so loved and we are so very blessed! 
May God Bless you all! 
Sara Whitten

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