Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3k is OVER, A Surprise Party and Mother's Day

 May is BUSY...this post only covers a small part of what has been going on, but I decided to split in half. My little girl finished 3k last week! Where has the time gone? It was a wonderful year for Lilly. She loved everything about her "new" school. She made some great new friends, had wonderful teachers, and learned so much. I am very thankful for the year that she had. The staff at MHS truly took care of her like their own and for a mama, that's all you can ask for! 
Lilly and Emerson getting ready for the Mini-Magnolia end of the year party.
There were horses and Lilly was in love...
My child loved the ferret..she kept saying, "it likes me so much!"
The train ride was a hit...Lilly with her friends, Emerson and Ada Joyce
Enjoying the party with her cute sweet friend boys...Langston and Jake
Lilly loves to feed the goats
During that same week my mama turned 60! We had a surprise party at Tom and Laura's house. We invited all of her good girlfriends over for wine and cheese. She was SUPER surprised.

Happy Mother's was a great day with my sweet babies and my mama!
 Brian and I were able to have a night out with one of his customers and when we got home we found these cuddled up watching a movie.
My little boy enjoying his roll at our Mother's Day lunch
When we got home from Tunica on Mother's Day, we had this little golf cart waiting in our drive way. It keeps getting passed down to all the little ones in the neighborhood. We will use it for a while and pass it to the next little guy. He LOVES it and just sits and sits on it!!
Lilly had her 3k program on her last day of school and we all attended. It was great and she did so good! I was very proud of her. She is growing up so fast. They had the cutest program. They sang all kinds of songs, with motions, props and costumes. 
The two 3k classes after the program.
Lilly and Anna Lauren standing on stage with their certificates.
Lilly was so glad that Daddy took off work to come to her program.
Sam came too, we LOVE her!
Mamie and Boo were there and were so proud of her.
I got a picture with my girls...Sissy came to watch the 3ker graduate. We will be watching her graduate in a few days....sigh!! :(
Thank you, Miss Kristy for everything that you did for us this year. We love you so much and thank God that He put you in our life!
Thank you, Miss Laura. You are the best 3k teacher in the world. We are so thankful for the year that we had with you, and are so happy that God put you in our path.
Walt man says it's time for summer! This little boy loves being outside and often stands at the door and beats on it! It's going to be a long summer!! :)

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