Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Graduate and Summer Time

We celebrated this baby girl this month! She is the graduate and we couldn't be more proud of her. It is a bittersweet time, because she is leaving us and will not be just "popping" in and out of my house all of the time. Our family is going to miss her terribly. I am happy that she is about to embark on a brand new adventure at MSU. So many wonderful friends and opportunities are awaiting her at that wonderful place. It's been a joy and such a blessing to watch her grow up. I am thankful to her mama and daddy for trusting me to babysit her when she was just tiny many memories with my "Battle Babies", especially, Sissy Girl. She has stolen our hearts, and we wish her all the best and promise to be there in the next phase of this thing we call "life". I pray that she allows our Heavenly Father to lead, guide and direct her.


Betsy wanted Brian to take her to eat for her "Senior Party" so the Glosson and Atwood Family took she and Clayton to the Como Steakhouse. We had a great time with these silly seniors. They love life and and have so much fun together. 
 Sissy and Clayton with Lilly
 The Family all together!
 Our Clayton graduated from SHS and we were there to see him get that diploma. We are proud of him and know that GOD has TREMENDOUS things in store for him. I am praying for him, too, that he will seek God first in all that he does. We have been blessed by his friendship this year.
 We had Senior Sunday at our church on the Sunday before Graduation. Sissy's table looked so great and it was all about her...from her stinky converse tennis shoes to her Homecoming Queen Crown.
 I found this little girl sneaking a pretty crown off of Sis's table....she put that thing on and pranced all over the church. She wears. me. out.
 Graduation Day...she did it! She and JB talked the whole time, but she graduated! :)
 Brian attended and I can safely say that he will not attend another Graduation until it's Lilly's turn. He told me on more than one occasion that if it wasn't Betsy, he wouldn't go. I hope no one is counting on him attending their graduation in the next 15 years, because they might be disappointed. :)
 Oh how I love my sweet girl!!! She is my heart!!
 Summer Time is here and my babies are having a blast!
 Lilly, Anderson and Walt love the water table.
 My BUSY little man, he loves sitting in a chair.
 We had a "PARTY" as Lilly called it on Memorial Day at my Mom and Dad's pool. Some friends came over to swim and we had a great day enjoying the sunshine and being thankful for those that I have gone before us to keep us FREE. What a sacrifice!
 My sweet family! I am BLESSED!
 Walt and Will had a great time in the little pool. It is perfect for Walt to play in, and he loves it!
 Will telling Walt all he precious!
 Lilly spent the day with Sidney last week, and she had so much fun. She loves going to Sidney's house because she has horses!! They are on their way to see them!
 YAY...Parker got to join them for lunch!! What a fun surprise!
 even better....Parker took Lilly to Wal-Mart to buy fishing gear. She is all ready to go. She says "Parker and Clayton like to fish and they want me to go with them." Thanks, Parker, she loves it!
 My little man ready for the summer time...he is crawling really fast, climbing and taking a few steps...more and more each day. He is such a careful little boy, even though he is busy. It's going to be a crazy and exhausting summer, but I am very thankful!
Love to all of you! 
Sara Whitten

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