Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Withers Gone Wild 2013, Bye-Bye Tonsils, Outings with Friends and Fishing

I am trying my best to play catch up....so much has happened this summer that I must document! This is my family "scrapbook" so, I am trying to stay in order of events!    
The weekend of July 4th we celebrated our annual Withers Gone Wild vacation, but this year we had a "staycation". Mom and Dad put in a pool at their new home. This is the first year for it to be opened, so we decided to use it as our vacation spot. It was a great staycation! Lots of quality time in the pool with the family. 
Lilly and LaLa had fun using their goggles....diving for rings.

Walt, Aunt My and Lilly doing a little night swimming!
Lilly has been wanting to go fishing ever since Parker and Sidney bought her a fishing pole and tackle box. Her daddy thought the perfect time would be on our staycation at Beaver Dam. She said that she liked it, but that life jacket was really hot!!
It's BAAAACK!! Kathryn's! Oh the memories that I have from that restaurant. The good food, company, crazy late Saturday afternoons just getting off the lake. I was so happy to be able to eat here.
"Walt man" loved feeding his daddy his food.
My sweet babies....watching the fireworks on the 4th of the July from the golf course.
As soon as the Withers Gone Wild staycation ended on Sunday ..... Lilly had to have her tonsils out on Tuesday. We really didn't know quite what to expect. We had been told all kinds of things, but I was nervous...for sure. Abbey and Alden Climer spent the night with us the night before. They braided Lilly's hair, so all we really had to do was scoop her up and put her in the car. The girls kept Walt while we were at the surgery center.
Lilly did PERFECT during surgery and after....this is her in the wheelchair ready to come home.
I told everyone that the surgery was a breeze, but the recovery was awful!! She woke up on Day 3 screaming at the top of her lungs....her ears were hurting. They continued to hurt for the next 7 days. She was taking 1 teaspoon of pain medicine every 4 hours. It was not a fun week!
Sweet friends came over to keep her company and watch movies with her... Aubrey Claire is always such a big help and Lilly loves having her visit.
We are THRILLED that sweet Adelaide moved into the neighborhood. She is in Lilly's class and they are such sweet friends. Adelaide brought Lilly a picture that she colored and she stayed to watch a movie.
We couldn't have made it with our side kick, Anna Lauren. She brought Lilly soft tacos from Taco Bell and they were a hit. I was so happy that Lilly finally ate something.
Whew....we are finally feeling better, so we took an outing to the Children's Museum. It was great fun. Lilly had a blast and I had to pry her away from the bank and the grocery store. Those were her two favorite places.
She has done all of her shopping and is now checking out.
Lucy went with us and they had a blast together. Lucy has already moved away, to Greenwood, and we are so sad. Every time we pass her house, Lilly says, "I do NOT like GREENWOOD!" It makes sad.
While Lilly was recovering from her tonsil surgery, Walt got to spend some quality time with PopPop and Grandma Shirley. He LOVES his PopPop and they adore him, too!
My little linebacker ready for a swim!
This is my sweet boy at his Mamie and Boo's house! He just woke up from his nap and was super excited to be getting to eat an ice cream sandwich.
LuLu took Lilly shopping when she was feeling better. I went, too and was so excited when LuLu was going to by here a cute outfit from Special Daze!! Lilly wanted "clothes" she said. WELLLLLL, everything that LuLu picked out Lilly did NOT like...would have anything to do with it. Soooooo, the nightgown and the crown are what we ended up with...and then her words were "I am not really going to use this for a night gown! It will be so pretty when I wear it tomorrow!!" MY CHILD and HER STYLE!!

Sissy and Clayton had promised Lilly they would take her to see a movie or fishing. Lilly chose fishing. Anderson was visiting us, so he got to go, too!!! Lilly loved fishing with her worm.
She says she likes fishing on the bank, not the boat!!
Clayton, Anderson, Lilly and Sissy...fishing!! 

What a wonderful summer we are having...it is winding down, with just a few more things to post! I can't believe how fast it has gone! How blessed we are to have shared so many fun times with each other and made so many wonderful memories.

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