Monday, July 8, 2013

VBS 2013, College World Series and a Trip to LeBonheur

VBS at First United Methodist Church was a usual!Our theme was everywhere FUN FAIR, and we had a great week...learning about loving GOD first and loving our neighbor as our self. Lilly was so excited to bring Natalie, her friend that is living next door to us right now, to the celebration service on Friday night!
Lilly met a new friend this week, sweet Eliza!
It's AMAZING....our little Walt man goes to NO ONE when his mama is holding him...except my Daddy and Mr. Horace. :) BUT during the week of VBS he and sweet Tabitha got to be buddies.So I captured this moment...he went from my arms to hers and I loved it!! My sweet little man knows a good heart when he sees one!!
We had a FAIR after our celebration service on Friday night. It was great...and there was a petting zoo there. Guess where Lilly Whitten stayed most of the night...YEP...with the animals. We got some many great pics of her with the animals....she was in her element!

Lilly and Lucy....having fun at the FAIR
Lilly and Will Prince
Sunday morning service...singing our songs that we learned at VBS!!
These 2 monkeys love playing in the sand!!
While VBS was going on...My MSU Bulldogs were playing in the College World Series and they were winning everything...they made it to the finals and were playing for the National Championship! I couldn't, still can't believe it. It has never happened before and I just can't see it happening again. Oh, how I wanted to go to Omaha!! I begged Brian! I thought it would be a perfect family vacation!
So, my family couldn't swing the trip, but we did talk my Daddy and his buddies into going. I mean, they HAD too....they have been waiting a lot longer for this than me! Aren't they cute? They are having so much fun...despite our Dawgs NOT winning the National Championship! We were there...
So , instead of going to Omaha, we went to the Emergency Room of LeBonheur Children's hospital instead! You know, the two are so close....HAHA!! My little Walt man got bitten by a mosquito on his eye. That mosquito bite got infected and that infection turned into Peri Orbital Cellulitis.
We were admitted into the hospial at about 1am on Monday night and were treated with strong IV antibiotics for 48 hours. WOW...he did great and really felt fine, but he could have gotten REALLY sick if he was treated. I am thankful for my pediatrician and the doctors and nurses at LeBonheur.
Sissy and Clayton came to visit us!! What a welcome site it was to see them! I was about at my whit's end when they showed up! Oh, how I love them and am thankful for them. Walt wanted nothing to do with me or Sissy when Clayton walked in, so I got a break and got to visit with her! :)
Almost as good as new and going home in our wagon!! Thank you, JESUS!!
And my sweet Bulldogs! They handled themselves with the highest of class and showed such dignity! I am so proud of our coaches and players. Yes, it would have been so wonderful to be National Champs, but the ride to #2 was worth it, in my book!! Walt and I enjoyed watching it from our hospital room!
Oh how I am going to miss this little gal coming over and sleeping on my couch! The countdown has begun...she will be moving to MSU, soon!
Our new friends that have have moved into our neighborhood have been such a blessing! Sweet Abbey and her twin sister, Alden have been so much fun for Lilly and Walt. Abbey and Lilly enjoying a sno-cone together!
Daddy finally put Walt's swing up and he loves it!!
Silly Lilly....playing in the sprinklers with her raincoat, swimsuit and wonder woman head band on!!
Walt man loving Uncle Tom's corn from the garden!!
May God Bless You All! 
Sara Whitten


Shannon Willcutt said...

What a cute VBS theme!!!

And oh my goodness! Poor baby Walt!!! His eye...BLESS him...and you too, Mama! I know that must have been so scary! So thankful he is doing great now.

Love you bunches!!

Shannon Willcutt said...

Oh! And my parents and sister and her boyfriend went to Omaha too! The Dawgs sure had an awesome fan turnout!!! So wish they would have won it all...but they did so good. I was even biting my nails during those games! Poor Jason...he bit his nails so low he was chewing on skin by the end!!!

Norma Jackson said...

Sara Whit, your sweet Lilly & Walt are so blessed to have you for their mother. You keep their little lives so full of adventure, family, friends and fun things for them to do. God had a special plan for your time off and that is evident looking at your blog. You and your entire family bless my family so much. We love you all! Can hardly wait for football season to start. "Honey"