Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baby Charlie, 1st Grade Play, a Wedding, Fishing and Softball

Well, you know you are old WHEN, you babysit a precious little girl, you have your own precious little girl, then that precious little girl you baby sat has a precious little boy and then your precious little girl is able to HOLD that precious little boy of the precious little girl you babysat. ARGHHHH Time slow was quite the surreal moment when I sat there and realized what was going on!
We are so happy for our "wedding girl" Rebekah and love our sweet baby Charlie, so much!!  

Lilly LOVED holding sweet Charlie. 
Oh how I love him. I had to go meet him by myself so I could really get a good visit in with that little love muffin! 
Aunt My always comes through....maybe a little late, but she does regardless! She came home and Lilly and Grace got new matching PJ's! 
1st Grade Play at MHS was fantastic! Lilly did a great job! She and Jake did some posing post play.
Lilly and friends after the play! 
Performing in the play "Pajama Party" 
Love being able to make her events like this. BLESSED! 
Everyone loves a GOOD Tunica wedding, especially when all the sistas are together. What a great weekend celebrating Judd and Lake. 
We also celebrated this guy the same night BECAUSE he left then next day heading out to Paris Island for Boot Camp. Hopefully in 4 short weeks, he will be a US Marine! I am so proud of my Bartlett Graves, and have loved watching him grow and mature into a fine young man. 
It's always a WONDERFUL night when I get to see "Uncle Chuck" as my kiddos call him. Oh how thankful I am for this man and his presence in my life. 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these sweet and beautiful girls!! They each stole my heart when they entered this world and they are still doing it today!!! I love seeing how God's plan is unfolding with them. Maggie and Ellen are the BOMB!!! :) 
Look at that happy groom....what handsome fellow he is. His Daddy would be so proud of him. I know that he was smiling down from Heaven and looking over them all night long!! I miss Coach Sartin so much! I am happy that I was able to celebrate with his boy! 
The fish are biting in Tobie town...Walt caught him a big one with Daddy and CarCar. 
They aren't biting so much in Tunica, but the set up sure is nice!! 

We have a softball player on our hands. Lilly is LOVING softball. I really thought that I would be making her go to the games, but it is quite the opposite. She loves playing and she even loves practicing. We had a little trouble at first hitting the ball, but now we are doing that fairly well. She is learning a lot and having a great time, which is really ALL that matters when you are 7! 
Is she not the most PRECIOUS softball player you have ever seen? Photo creds go to our super duper baby sitter, Emily Powell. She can always capture and then filter the best moments!!! :) 
Spring is here....we are BUSY BUSY BUSY. Lilly and Walt are both at MHS now, so that makes for me needing to be at 2 places at once....most of the time. Summer will be here in just a few short days and things will start moving at a slower pace. 

Love to all, 
The Atwood Family 
Brian, Sara Whitten, Lilly and Walt

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