Friday, May 27, 2016

End of School, Dance Recital and Ball

The school years just fly by! It seems to go faster and faster. I can't believe that my baby boy is done with 3k. I also can't believe that I am done with 3k. It makes me sad that I will never have Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Kristy again, that those baby days are OVER. Walt has not stayed a baby long enough for me. Anyway! Enough of my whining about my babies growing up. His 3k program was wonderful. He did so good. He is definitely not my stage hound like his sister, but he has made great strides this year. He stands there and does most of the motions and even sings some of the songs. Hey! I am happy!! 
Walt man with his certificate with Benjamin and Claire. 
Lilly was too excited to miss class for the early morning program, she loved being there to see her brother and to sit with the family. 
Aunt LaLa, Boo and Mamie came to see our wild man! 
This was our last picture of these two together in the same class. They will continue to be best buddies, because play dates are a must with these two, but they are going to miss each other in class and I am going to miss talking class room stuff with John Brantley's sweet mama! 
We celebrated our Mamie's birthday after one of Lilly's softball games. We went from the ball field to the Mexican restaurant. Lilly and Anna Lauren were so into having them coming out to sing and to put the pie Mamie's face. 
Lilly's first grade class took a field trip to the Tunica Museum. I was so excited for her to get to go and show her friends and teachers that this is where her mama grew up. I was so blessed to have my mom and sister in law meet Lilly's class at the museum to walk around with her and her friends. Here she is standing in front of the big picture that is in the Tunica Museum of her beautiful great Aunt Myra. Aunt Myra was my mom's sister who was quite the beauty queen in her day, as you can see. 
The Tunica Museum wore her out....thanks to teachers who send me pics like this! 
Awards Day proved to be a success. Aunt LaLa was able to fill in for me and Brian once again, while we worked. Lilly came home with an Art award, for first place in local and second in District. She also had all A's and B's for the year. She has worked hard this year and we are very proud of her. 
Our Arrows of Grace dance recital was this spring. Lilly, Denni Grace and Eliza had such a great time this year dancing. I will say that Lilly loves recital day more than anything. She did tell me that she doesn't understand why she has to practice so much for this, though. She said she thinks she only needed to practice one time and then a few times on the stage. She is a mess....she loves the stage. 
Lilly with our sweet Suzy Smith....she is our neighbor now and Lilly loves her so much. 
Here is another one of our favorite little girls...Avery Davis. We love Avery! 
Thank you Madison Jones at the Hairatage Salon for saving our life and styling our hair. Lilly loved going to the salon to get her hair and make-up done! 
Lilly and Ada Joyce with their pretty ballet costumes on. 
Walt was so proud of his sissy. He watched her the entire time and kept telling me, "Sissy did so good, mama!" 
What a special treat it was for PopPop and Grandma Shirley to be here for the dance recital. They were here all the way from South Carolina. 
Lilly's biggest fans are Mamie and can always count on them to show up for the performances. 
Mama Sue and Daddy Ray are living in Senatobia now and we couldn't be happier. Mama Sue and Lilly love each other so much and she has been asking her to come her dance recital for many moths. 
Thanks for coming, Mama Sue and Daddy Ray!!We love you! 
Softball season has been in full swing and Lilly's team the Rockers have been playing so hard. I am amazed at how far she has come in just a few weeks. She loves it and to my surprise, she is pretty good! Coach McCain has the best huddles and they always end in prayer. 
Lilly loves it when people come watch, especially when it's Big Sissy and LuLu! 
Thanks, LuLu for coming to the softball fields to watch our little baller. We love you and we hope you come back. We know you had a great time cheering on the Rockers. 
These two......lovin each other one minute
and fighting the next...but we only capture the sweet moments. 
My little man is playing t-ball and he loves it. He is a little upset that they have to hit off the tee, because he likes to be pitched too, but he is smoking that baseball, as he likes to say. 
He wants to wear that uniform ALL THE TIME. He will go get that shirt out of the dirty clothes to wear it. He says that he loves the blue pee wees. :) 
What a BUSY but OH SO FUN spring we have had. School is out and we are trying to figure our summer out. It's been busy so far, but it is shaping out to be a good one. 
Love to all, 

The Atwood's 

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