Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Little Ballers, 2016

Lilly had a great first year of softball for the 6 and under league. I am still in awe at how much she learned in such a short amount of time. When we were buying a glove for her first practice, she was getting frustrated because we couldn't find the perfect one! She just looked up at me and said, "I am just not going to do the catching part!" HAHAHA!! She is a mess. She has learned hit, catch and throw and is actually pretty good at it. 
Thankful for our second granddaddy, Rickey Haynes, who is always capturing the best shots of my little girl. 

Her FAVORITE thing is to slide into home plate!! 

Ending the games with a prayer along with the other team is the best!!! 

Our Rockers team won the league and they got the biggest trophies. They were so excited. 

What a blessing Coach Patterson is to all who get to be with him. Lilly LOVES this man. I am so thankful that she gets to have him coach her. I am even more thankful that he would give up his time to coach these little girls. 
Praise God that the McCain's moved to Senatobia. We have ALL won by this family moving to town. Coach McCain was Lilly's head softball coach this year and she has learned so much from him. She would literally run through a wall for him. His little girl, Caroline, has become one of Lilly's best buddies and then I am just crazy about the mom, Michele! Praises all around.....and poor Taylor, the oldest daughter....Walt man LOVES her!!! :) 
Love my little softball player!! 
Walt man was so excited that his tball season finally started a month after Lilly's season. 

He did so good!! I was so proud of him. He and about 3 other little boys were super serious and into it. It was so cute to watch them all. He LOVES his trophy! He never fails to bring it down from his room to show guests when they come over. 
Walt and Lucas
Walt and Suzy
Walt and Cole 
Walt and Fisher
I am so proud of my little ballers for a wonderful first year of ball for them both. I learned that after this year there will be LOTS more ball in my future. I think I am going to love it!! 

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