Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#sayidulin and a New Addition

We have been planning for a year and it finally got here. Hannah and Ike are getting married. Lilly and Walt are so excited to be the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer. The Wedding weekend was so much fun. It was beautiful and absolutely perfect. 

 These two sweet girls were so excited to see Brother Jeff, the father of the bride. 
 My little sweet boy with me before wedding rehearsal. 
 My girl and me at rehearsal. 
 The two sweetest and prettiest flower girls in the world. 
 I told the guys to pose for a picture and the bride photo BOMBED it! :)
 These two handsome guys practicing their parts for the wedding.
 Walt is taking it all in....he asked me if he was going to have to "kiss her" I said, "yes, you are." He quickly replied with "No, I am not, Ike can 'dough!" 
 Hannah was so sweet to give the kids presents. She gave all the girls robes and Lilly loves hers. She was happy to have Hunter joining us for dinner. He was her VBS leader this year and then kept her each Sunday night while Brian and I participated in a Bible Study. We will miss Hunter as he leaves to go further his education and baseball career at Mississippi College. 
 The Wedding Day is here and the little girls had such a fun time getting ready with the big girls! 

 This little guy had to get some baseball in before the wedding, even in his tux. 
 Watching a little DisneyJr before the wedding. 
 Be still my heart! He does look so handsome in that Tux! 
 My pretty little girl ......
 she loved getting her hair done like the bride. 
 Walt man with one of his best buddies, Jonathan Switzer. 
 These groomsmen being silly! 
 The beautiful couple with Lilly and Walt. 
 How much fun it was to help this bride along the way with planning, ideas and coordinating. I miss her and she has only been gone a week! 
 They are waiting patiently and quietly to walk down the aisle. 

 The reception was super fun and lots of dancing went on. Lilly and Olivia Kate cut up the dance floor. 
 Reagan and Lilly hit if off over the wedding weekend. She gave Lilly lots of good tips on how to be super COOL, because Reagan is SUPER COOL!! 
 These boys had great fun in the photo booth, they loved dressing up and taking pictures. 

 Walt, Hastings, Jeremy and Colt....Walt thinks he is as big as they are! 
 Sending the bride and groom off with some sparklers!! 
 As if a great big wedding weekend was not enough for one weekend, the Atwood Family decided to adopt a puppy!!! You know...no big deal!! We welcome Molly, an Irish Setter, to our home. Lilly has been begging for a puppy since her birthday. Her birthday is in the winter and I just couldn't do a puppy in the cold months. We made a deal that if she finished school with flying colors and did her best then we would get a puppy this summer. She is IN LOVE...and you can find her most days in the kennel with Molly. 

 We love our Molly....we just wish she would chew up so much stuff! 
Blessings to all of our faithful readers! 
Brian, Sara Whitten, Lilly and Walt 

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