Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Camp, a Tea Party and the BEACH 2016

I can't believe that my girl is old enough to go to camp. She went with our church to Camp Lake Stephens in Oxford. She went to the mini-camp and she LOVED it. I went to pick her up and she begged me to stay. She said that all the fun things were just about to happen. So, I guess next year she will be going for a week. Time is flying by for me and my babies are growing up. 
 These campers are waiting in the registration line, such a tough life. 
 Lilly, Caroline and Carrington were all settled in their cabin, ready to have a great time! 
My big girl in her bed at camp! 
Lilly was invited to Tea Party at the beautiful home of Mrs. Gale Cushman. Lilly has loved that house since she could talk. She calls it the doll house. We go there every Christmas to watch the Christmas Parade and Mrs. Gale has been telling her that one day she is going to have a tea party. Well, it happened. Lilly is the perfect age for this and I was thrilled that she was able to be a part of this event. Special Daze, the children's clothing store where we shop, sponsored the event and it was just fabulous. 
Taryn and Taylor, two of the sweetest southern ladies I know! 
Mrs. Gale, Mrs. Judi and Mrs. Wendy went above and beyond to make this tea party an afternoon to remember. 
Lilly with her friends, having tea! 
While Lilly is going to tea parties, Walt man is attending baseball regional games with his Mamie and Boo. Walt was so excited to go watch the MSU bulldogs play in the regional game. 
The game was very exciting, he sat right behind home plate and he got to see 2 Bulldogs hit it over the fence. He is still talking about it, 3 weeks later. 
He also got some autographs of some pretty awesome baseball players. We love JB Billingsley, so Walt man went looking for him. Boo was sure to find him and also Austin Sexton and Jake Mangum. Austin was drafted last week in the MLB draft, so that autograph is pretty special. Walt wears his hat everywhere, but he has his baseball on a shelf in his room. He tells me and everyone that enters, "we can't play with that ball, it is b(v)ery special to me!"  
We finally made it back to the beach!! The kids had a great time. We went with 3 other families. We all stayed at the same condo and we had a great time. There were 13 children and 7 adults. It was busy and it was crazy, but many memories were made on the 2016 Beach Trip. 
Lilly LOVED the ocean. She rode the waves for hours. The last two days we were there the ocean was so calm and Lilly said that it was "boring". 

Walt man was not sure about the ocean at all the first day, but by the second he was all in and played in it for hours. He was knocked down by one million waves and loved every minute of it. 
My beach babies have gotten so big.

Lilly with baby Elliot

We called Walt and Taylor the "puddle jumper team". They both would not even think about taking off their floaties. We would just find them playing together all over the pool and the ocean. It was like they formed a "floatie alliance". 

What a blessing the "big" girls, Anna and Aubrey Claire, were on the trip. They helped in every aspect. Love them both so much and am so thankful for them. 
Pool fun with Ms. Kelly!! 

Lilly and Aubrey Claire doing cheer stunts with Hastings in the back ground ready to get them. 
The guys got to go on a deep sea fishing trip. I was so glad that the weather allowed them to go. Aylon, Matt and Brian caught some great fish and it was so yummy for dinner!
This crew.......NO WORDS! 
Sweet Lilly and Sweet Taryn Mae
Cooper and Walt were having fun walking along the Destin Harbor. They are both so sweet when they want to be. I thought I better capture this now, because we might not see this sweet shot again. 
This is what the early mornings and the late nights looked like in 201B. All of the kids piled up on the fold out couch. I loved it! 
This little girl is such an inspiration to me. She loves life and she enjoys it to the fullest. I pray that she keeps this care free personality always. When we dressed to go take pics on the beach, the first thing she asked me was "after we are done, can I swim in my clothes?" It makes me heart happy that she enjoys these things and that she is not afraid to get dirty or wet and swim in her clothes. 

This little boy in the middle of these two big boys thinks they hung the moon. He wanted to do EVERY single thing they did. He looks up to them and I could be happier for him to love these two. Colt and Hastings are the best and we love them so. 
We made it out to dinner one night out of the 5 were there.....Tailfins never disappoints and the view from the top deck was beautiful. 
We ended our beach vacation at The Track. Lilly and Walt loved riding the Go Carts. I drove Lilly and she said that I went to slow and that I didn't pass anyone. Oh well, I am a cautious driver. 
Walt and his daddy were together and he drove fast and passed everybody! 

Lilly and Denni Grace on the rides at The Track.

What a wonderful summer we are having! God is so good and he is blessing us over and over again. We don't deserve it, but He keeps on giving to us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

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