Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Life with a 7 and 4 year old

Football season at MHS is in full swing and my kiddos love going to the football games. Martin, our next door neighbor and friend, is a Cardinal Crazy and then our Emily is a cheerleader. We love seeing them both on Friday nights. 

 Thankful.....we are thankful! Walt was jumping on the trampoline at the church and he fell on his neck. He didn't scream out in pain initially, but he hurt himself enough to lie there and ask for his mama. When I came to the nursery to check on him, he was crying and that crying just got progressively worse. He would not turn his neck and after everyone in the neighborhood had a look at him, I decided to take him to LeBonheur. He got x-rays and nothing was broken or fractured. He had a bad sprain and his large muscle was spasming, which was causing the pain. They gave him a shot for the pain and sent us on our way. 

 We ended our visit to LeBonheur with a Dairy Queen trip. That makes everyone feel better. 
 The patient recovered well at home. He really liked his neck brace and really started "milk it". :) 
 We love baby Birdie and any time we get to spend with her. 
So, on the day after Walt hurt his neck, we had another adversity to overcome. Our precious new puppy, Molly, died. We are not sure what happened. There seemed to be no trauma and it pretty much happened before our eyes. It was a sad, sad, day and our poor Lilly was devastated. She has mourned Molly, and it has broken my heart. 
God is good, and he answers our prayers. We let the breeder know that we lost Molly. She mentioned that someone had gotten Molly's sister and she was becoming too much for them to handle. They travel a lot and just didn't have time to devote to her. She contacted him and told him what happened. What a blessing that he GAVE her to us. The kids were elated and it has eased the hurt of losing Molly! 

Meet, Sophie! She is our answered prayer, and we love her! 

These boys are something else! They had so much fun shooting skeet with their daddies! Will, Fisher and Walt have so much fun together. We are thankful for such wonderful friends. 
While Walt and I took on the 102 degree heat watching the Bulldogs play, Lilly and her daddy took ir on in the dove field. She had a great time. 

My sweet boy celebrating Jack Sellars at his construction party. 
I was surprised when I walked into the bathroom and saw all of these pretty dresses. My Lilly was getting ready for her spend the night company. She told me they were going to have a fashion show. I am so thankful that she is still loving to dress up. I know that these times are quickly coming to a close. I just want to keep that little girl who loves to play dress up and twirl around. 
Lilly and Anna Lauren love sitting at the desk and working on projects. I love these girls and just wanted to capture this picture so I could have this memory forever. 
Lilly and Grace, just chillin' in the car! 
Celebrating my dear dear friend, Mandy's birthday was the best! Oh how I love being with my friends. I am so thankful that we are getting together more often. I think that we are all realizing just how special we are to each other, and it's worth the effort to get together!
Me and Jett....my BFF!!! 
Mandy, Brigham and Rhonda....the three amigos! 
We are so thankful that our best buddy Jake, is okay! He had an accident, a 4 wheeler ran over him while he was riding his bike. He could have been hurt so much worse. We are praising God for his mercy. 

All of our best! 
The Atwood Family
Brian, Sara Whitten, Lilly and Walt

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