Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall and Football 2016

It's football season! I love it for SORTS of reasons, but the main one being I get to see this girl, LOTS! I love visiting and cheering on my dawgs with my best MSU buddy. :) 
Anderson had a great time tailgating for his first time. Lilly had a great time showing him how it's all done. They had a blast!  

 The Dawg Walk never disappoints when I spend it with these 3 boys. 
 These 3 love their Bulldogs! 
 Walt and MoMo at the tent having fun! 
 Walt has mad a new friend this year at our tent, meet Evan! We couldn't be any happier that the Nettles family have joined us for this years football season. Walt and Evan have hit it off and I see many years of friendship with these two sweet boys. 
 One of our favorite times is getting to see our Sissy. Lilly LOVES getting to be with her Sissy, while at MSU. 
 Yes, that is a crown on Lilly's head and yes, it does have MSU in the middle of it. This girl has a crown for every event. 
 MHS Homecoming Week - 2016 
Mathlete vs Athlete 
My two wanted to be an athlete....no nerds in my house! 
Walt dressed as a MSU baseball player and Lilly in her Rocker softball uniform. 
 We had to go see her friend Caroline and take early morning pics before school, of course. They had to make sure they were dressed a like. 
 Day 2 - America Day! 
God Bless the USA 
 Will and Walt on America day. Walt was so happy that he saw Will in the hall. 
 Day 3 - Homecoming t-shirt day
Walt refused to wear this years homecoming t-shirt that I bought him. He had to wear last years shirt. That is a little glimpse into my world with Walter. UGH!! 
 Friday - Tailgating Day at MHS 
All of the classes get together and set up tents and eat and play together before the Homecoming Pep Rally. It's such a great way to see everyone and have a great time. 
 My Walt wanted to walk around and go see all of his older buddies....we saw them all. Thankful that Will, Blake, Martin and Jack are all so sweet to him. He does love them so much. 
 Lilly and Emerson enjoying there tailgating day. 
 We love our Jake. 
 TIL had a 25 year reunion of our State Championship football team. It was so great to see Coach Caperton and his family, and Shannon! Wow! What a great time that was....when we went 12-0! 
 Brian is from Maryland, so his high school friends NEVER just pass through. We were so happy that his friend, Mike, called us to let us know that he was going to be in the area. They had such a great time catching up and shooting guns! :) 
 We love our neighborhood and our friends. Foster, Lilly, Walt, Maddox and Fisher having fun in the back of Mr. Daniel's truck. 
 It's silly face time. 
 NWCC is having a great year in football and Lilly is thrilled to have a cheerleading uniform that is like the other cheerleaders. She has such a great time turning flips on the sideline cheering on the Rangers. 
We are loving Football season and all that comes with it. We wish the weather would get just a little cooler, but other than that we have no complaints. 

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