Monday, November 7, 2016

Pumpkin Patches and Halloween 2016

Even though the temperatures have been in the 90's, we have made the most of our fall. It has been full of pumpkin patches and Halloween Fun. 
Uncle Tom has a pumpkin patch in Tunica, so we took a trip and found some great pumpkins, some as big as the kiddos. :) 

Taylor McCain, found herself a WHOPPER pumpkin!!! 
Sweet Caroline and Lilly on the hayride heading to the pumpkin patch! 
Walt and Steven Wait had a great time picking out their pumpkin at Cedar Hill Farms. 
Sweet buddies, Walt and Steven Wait on the Pirate ship and walking through the Corn Maize! 

My big guy and me on the hayride on his class field trip to Cedar Hill Farm. 
Walt and Eli...buddies! 
Our first round of Halloween was at the church....Trunk or Treat. My Snow Queen, Captain America and Red Power Ranger had a great time. 

Lilly with sweet Anna Hudson, as the dippin dot!! How PRECIOUS! 
These two guys are ready to SAVE THE WORLD! Martin and Walt are Captain America. I would most definitely put saving the world in their hands! :) 
Round 2 of Halloween was at the McCain's Halloween Party. What a fun time both of mine had playing, trick or treating and enjoying a hay ride! 
A Snow Queen, Ballerina and a Penguin having fun at the McCain's Halloween Party! 
Round 3: Walt's 4k Halloween Party. 
A room full of super heroes....Captain America, Cat Woman (Claire) and a Transformer (Lucas) 
My Snow Queen
If one is wondering what it takes to being a Snow Queen, well, here ya go....First, Aunt LaLa has to come over with hair extensions and then put the hair extensions in.....then you must have a make over. 
A look at the finished hair product, she is so proud. 
Round 4: Halloween cart trick or treating around the Country Club, with our friends. 
Lilly, Walt and Will
Luke, Walt and Will
Lilly, the Snow Queen, with her Halloween Candy 
The never know what you are going to get with these kiddos!! 
Lilly, Walt, Foster, Will and Fisher
I love them all so very much. 
Snow Queen to Captain America: I take care of all the animals in the Arctic, I play ice hokey, and I can make ice castles 
Captain America's response: Well, I am Captain America and I save the world!!! 
Happy Halloween 2016 

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